Posted by: AceRailgun | January 8, 2012

Nisemonogatari Episode 1

So two out of two things I’ve started this anime season are incredible. I know the previews for Nisemonogatari said that the seires would be about Araragi’s sister but I’m so glad that he is still the center of attention.

Araragi has this amazing dynamic with every character in series. Each character brings out different aspects of his personality which I find very interesting. He starts off acting with that layback attitude around Senjōgahara but when that scene ends he reverts to his brotherly mood around his younger sister.


As I expected the anime is still mostly about conversations, not the Fate Zero kind of conversations where character can talk for an entire hour before explaining one detail. Instead the conversations full of hidden meaning and can be interpretated in may ways. You can take them for the base aspects and acknowledge the humor or you can dig deeper and interpret the words however you want. The imagery that goes along with the conversation can also influence what you are thinking. It may be artistic but it is very stylish and I love how the landscapes become disjointed and hardly resemble any kind of real world location.


Although a lot of the episode was interesting I have to say the philosophical conversation between Shuraragi Araragi and Hachikuji was my favourite bit. For the most part they were just discussing panties and coarage. It is strange but I feel the two have a high level of respect for each other and I doubt anything one did to the other could ruin their friendship.  Araragi’s stretching and then attacking scene was so damn funny and perfectly executed I can help but admire the creative director for his choices.


I wasn’t planning to but after writing this I’ve decided I’ll be blogging about Nisemonogatari this season. It’s easy to talk my head off about it but at the same time remain interesting.


  1. Mayoi really improved her reputation after this episode, she’s quite cute…:O

    • Mayoi is cute indeed. Her thinking is maturing too. 🙂

    • I was surprised to see her again as I though that Nisemonogatari would be moving onto the new characters. She is amusing to watch and comes across as intelligent for her age.

  2. I really like the first episode. I think this anime will definitely surpass Bakemonogatari. I like the OP and I can’t wait for the ED. I also can’t wait to see how they dance xD

    I’m glad that you decided to blog about it. It’s a very interesting anime. Everyone should blog about this 😀

    • I know it can surpass Bakemonogatari I just hope that the story holds together long enough to get through an entire season.

      The ending dance will be amusing to say the least although I think it will be hard to top Kill Me Baby in that department.

      • LOL true! Lets just wait and see. 🙂

  3. You’ve got to love Nisioisin stuff, hardly anything could happen in an episode and it would still be a good one. The guy just has a way with character interactions, conversations, and all the little things that happen during them that make them so fun. Making them capable of carrying entire episodes alone.

    Other than that I like the landscapes as well, though they have an unshakeable alien and empty feeling to them, but that’s probably because of the lack of any background characters.

    • They don’t bother with background characters at all. Its like the next step up from what Mawaru PenguinDrum did.

      I loved that park they were always in during Bakemonogatari. I hope more cool stuff like that is added in this series.
      I can only imagine how brilliant this level of character interaction would be if there was also a great plot to go with it. We would probably be looking at the anime of the year if that ever happened.

  4. Actually I enjoy watching Araragi get humiliated more than succeeding. Then again I’m an evil bastard who delights himself in watching male leads suffer. Anyway this show rocked for one main reason, nothing’s changed. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It worked for WORKING 2 and Squid Girl 2 and Morita-san 2 so it should work for this one as well.

    • Good point there is no point mixing something up half way through when it worked the first time.

      I think my favorite pain moment is when Arararargi gets bit and it goes into X-ray vision to see his fingers break. Lucky he has super healing.

      • I personally prefer the suffering in a more comedic manner, physical and especially mental punishment to the man’s ego. Take the 1st skit involving a masochist’s dream girl Senjougahara. Tbe entire skit is a perfect example of stylish torture to a man’s ego and that’s the kind of torture I like. It’s no fun when the person dies or is in actual pain and not comedic.

        Oh I see what you’re referring to with the X-Ray thing, Mortal Kombat. Say, how did the banning of the game thing turn out?

      • I’m not sure how the whole Mortal Kombat thing turned out but that violence was a little more extreme then the finger crunching in Bakemonogatari.

        As long as Ararararagi isn’t dying then it’s okay for him to go through pretty much anything. That guy would have no self respect left after everything that happnens to him. I think I remember him getting beaten up a lot in Bakemonogatari during the Monkey arc too.

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