Posted by: AceRailgun | January 7, 2012

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 13

If you played the game then you are Yu for this episode but if not then you are poor confused Nanako who has no idea what is going on.

For the most part this episode was chock full of references to the game. Every character Yu is spends time with is a social link in the game. It was clever to do these social links from Nanako’s perspective because it saves episodes worth of time  on characters that aren’t as interesting as the main cast. Don’t get me wrong some of those social links were really nice stories in the game.

The amount of characters that Nanako meets is astronomical. I picked up on the fat lady who sells medicine in the game and the fireworks guy who sells weapons in the game. There was also the fox which will probably be playing a huge part in the next episode. If Yu gives stacks of money to the fox I am going to laugh so hard.

The dinner with Adachi and Dojima was also interesting, i’m not sure exactly how they made Yu embarrased but it was amusing to watch. The social links involving these guys later on are going to be really interesting to see. I have a feeling that the Dojima social link will be saved for last in the anime.

Yu in the Teddie suit. Classic.


  1. Magical Detective Loveline!

  2. Good, good stuff in this episode. Great to see they brought out Nanako’s potential.

    • It was nice to see Nanako put into the spotlight for a change. This episode revealed a whole new side of her. A very cute side.

  3. All Yo Yens! YIP YIP YAP!
    he.. This epiosde was cute though. I love that fox.. xD

    • He stole all my money in the game and then some. Little healing bastard.

      • Pfft.^~^

  4. Because I didn’t play the game, I find this episode confusing. Perhaps it’ll become clearer as I continue to watch this series.

    • I actually doubt it will become clearer to be honest. A bit might be explained next episode but I reckon that a lot of stuff still won’t make sense. In the game you get eons more time to explore the town and meet all the minor characters. In the anime it just shoved them all in your face and expected you to understand who they all were.

  5. Nanako! Nanako! Nanako! Nanako! Nanako!

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