Posted by: AceRailgun | January 7, 2012

Kill Me Baby Episode 1

Now I don’t want to sound like a fan boy but I just have to say this. Kill Me Baby is brilliant and if you haven’t watched it go watch it and then come back and read this.

So now that everyone is back I shall explain Kill Me Baby. It’s a comedy anime but you should already know that because I just sent you off to go watch it. Seriously if you haven’t watched it go now, I can wait. The main characters seem smart but in a really stupid way. At this point I’m not sure if they are smart people being stupid or stupid people trying to be smart. Yasuna was my favorite, the way she acts around Sonya is hillarious. One minute she is getting her hand broken and the next she is teasing her about her fear of dogs and bugs. It’s a great dynamic which I know will be explored as the series continues.

I can also appreciate the pacing of the jokes too, the set up for a joke is never too long and sometimes a conversation can produce two or more jokes. It felt as if the two characters were always trying to one up each other without getting hostile about it.

The unused character in the opening also intregies me. She looks as if she will act as the rival character to the other three except that she will probably never get ahead as she doesn’t have a name yet.

Just when I thought the fun was over the credits started, those were some of the funniest character animations I’ve seen in quite some time.


  1. Yasuna is my waifu 😀
    Reminds me of Yui from K-ON.

    I really like how the episode is turning out so far. Afro hair, fake ninja scrolls = awesome!! Hopefully the next one will be as good as this. If they can be consistent throughout the series than this will be an awesome anime.

    • It just proves that anime doesn’t need a large budget to be entertaining.

      Yasuna may as well be Yui except more awesome. She has that same sort of charm about her and she seems just a little bit smarter.

      I’m looking forward to the next episode.

  2. I had suspected it to be a copy from Lucky Star with an assassin. Buts its really good. I think I broke my ribs. xD

    • The pacing gave me just enough breathing time between laughs. I think I laughed hardest when she tamed the dog.

      • Very well timed.
        That dog is so cute. “:P”
        I love the ghost scene. I couldn’t breathe.

  3. I thought this first episode was really funny, and the semi-chibi characters were all pretty adorkable. I kind of feel like the humor style is halfway between Squid Girl and Nichijou… I hope the humor of the series won’t wear thin over subsequent episodes.

    And the ED is sooooooo catchy. >_<

    • Gah, I loved the ending. The animation that went with it was classic. I’ll remember it for years.

      The humor could wear thin over time but I remember some of nichijou’s later episodes were some of the funniest so that’s proof something can stay funny. I’m actually a fan of the chibi style. It’s not ultra chibi it just sits somewhere in the middle ground which works well for it.

  4. Can I claim two wifes at once? Both Yasuna and Sonya are so damn cute…:P

    • I guess that’s okay but your going to have to share with like 100 other people. 😛

  5. Agiri stole my soul…

  6. Fallen victim to “Love Jutsu”. Also, any girl who can chop the top off of a bottle (I thought I was cool because I use a screwdriver), and still be afraid of cockroaches is a win.

    • She is a strange one. You’d think she’d be fearless because of her super human ability to kill things.

  7. The opening theme made my ears hurt >.> ending was okay, though

    • I think I am tolerant to high pitch Japanese songs so that’s why i can listen to the intro. The ending was catchy, I liked it.

  8. It’s quite simple really, it’s an anime that speaks the OG-Man’s language: It’s random, nonsensical and stupid: The ultimate trifecta of mindless anime comedy that OG likey.

    • Plus it’s focus is on comedy and not character development and fan service. It’s the ultimate mindless entertainment this season. That and Daily Lives of High School Boys. If you haven’t checked that out you should it has similar comedy to Kill Me Baby.

      • Oh I already have the day it aired and it was just as glorious. Umm, as far as fanservice goes, I don’t think this show’s character art is meant to be used that way. I mean, can you honestly say you want to see Sonya wearing a swimsuit? Not me. Not only because they look like lolis (And probably are), but also because their bodies aren’t attractive at all.

      • No thanks lol. The art style doesn’t support fan service which for once is a good thing. I hate the overuse of fan service in today’s anime. Don’t get me wrong fan service can be great but when you get some every two minutes it’s kind of pointless and you don’t get excited for it you just go “Oh look panties, woooo.” in a monotone voice. I prefer the more classy stuff that makes you wait forever to get just one pant shot.

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