Posted by: AceRailgun | January 6, 2012

That Anime Character #1 – The Perverted Lesbian Teenager

This seems to be more common lately in anime. I’m not sure how this trend started but one thing I know is when there is a cute girl there is always a teenage girl to love her a little bit too much.

This character trope is often used in younger girls and for the most part they seem to be obsessed with a single girl and not all females even though all the females in the cast have the same body type and are the same age. Occassionally the girl may be younger then the person of her obsession. Chinatsu has a huge lesbian crush on Yui which is a perfect example of this. To be fair though Kyoko has a huge crush on Chinatsu so it balances out nicely.

But most of the time the girl is older then the girl of her obsession. A few more examples off the top of my head include

Sena – Kobata from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Alice – Yune from Ikoku Meiro no Croisee

Sanae – Squid Girl  from Shinryaku! Ika Musume

After thinking more about this it seems very strange, hardly anybody can relate to these character and not that many of them are popular character in the fandom so why do they exist at all. The joke is usually funny once unless the show is Yuri then I guess it doesn’t matter. Do these characters simply exist to make the cute girls look more desirable in an innocent kind of way?

This character is always completely ignored by the rest of the cast and their confused desires for young girls goes unnoticed. However if the character is replaced with a male, lets say Kimura from Azumanga Daioh then the tables are turned and people think it’s creepy. In real life it is almost always the male perverts you hear about in the media. It’s always the people that are like Kimura that get into hot water for their obsessions.

I think this kind of character can work in anime but someone really needs to change it up a bit before it becomes more stale then it already is.

On a side note I can use some crazy tags for this post without feeling weird about it.


  1. Well said. I don’t think they are lesbian. Most of the time I assume they like someone because they think the other one is adorable and cute not in a lesbian way. Well that is what I thought in most of the anime I watch, when the case has to come to this. I won’t enjoy an anime if think they were lesbian. I guess I’ll just assume it that way 😀

    • I agree, most of the time it is just because they think they are cute but sometimes I feel they step over the line. Sena does this a few times but is stopped. The main case is when Kobato is forced to flee from Sena after a bath.

      Although in Yuru Yuri I’m 100% they like each other because they are all lesbians. 😛

  2. Sena said she wanted to eat Kobato LoL thats proof enough for me. I think its all done in jest never serious. I still find it cute and funny and less wierd than, if they used an older male character. I hope I can get to see more of these types, but thats just me 🙂

    • I don’t mind this type of character but I feel it’s going to fall into a trend in future anime and manga and we will just see 100 Sena clones in the next year or two.

      As weird as it is I found Kimura to be really funny. He was a nice break from the girls style of comedy in that series.

  3. Well, Kimura of Azumanga Daioh is an adult and a teacher, which is quite a different situation. And his feelings are not reciprocated in the least. XP For most of your examples, I believe the girls are already friends to some degree.

    There are a few variations of this obsessive trope in general in anime. One is where a character looks up to another one, seeing her or him as a role model and someone to try to emulate (and since it’s often comical, they usually fail). Sometimes there is some degree of romantic feeling in this as well (I believe Kuroko in Railgun is a good example of this, in her obsessive fascination and infatuation with Mikoto), but oftentimes it’s simply looking up to someone as a big sister/brother-type figure/friend. (I’m thinking of Yamato’s obsession with Asuka in the manga Otomen, for a good boy example.)
    And then there’s also characters who obsess over someone younger, who they simply find cute. Tamayura had that one girl who would NEVER shut up about the protagonist’s little brother, for example. A milder and more general example though may be Rena from Higurashi. (OMOCHIKAERI!!)

    My opinion of Alice from Croisee is that she was mainly just in desperate need of a friend (as it seems she didn’t have any growing up, save for her sister). Her interest in faraway lands stems from wanting to escape her restrictive environment, and specifically her love of Japan seems to come from France’s interest in Japanese arts during that time period. The arrival of Yune, a girl her age coming from said faraway land, was simply a wish come true for Alice–and being the enthusiastic go-getter that she is, she wasn’t going to let anyone get in the way of their friendship (namely Claude).

    • You always say the most interesting things. 🙂

      The whole situation with Kuroko in Railgun is a good example of the romantic version of this character trope. More often then not the character is looking up to and using the other character as a role model which is understandable as everyone has a role model. But in the comedy anime there is usually some sort of spin which ends up damaging this dynamic and giving it strange sexual or obsessive qualities. Sanae from squid girl has this in bounds.

      It is less common in males but it does happen sometimes. I am most curious as to how this trope really began, who was the first character to try and take role model relationship one step further?

  4. When I started watching anime a few years back, I find this category type a bit weird. But now I’ve seen so much I got used to it. I still don’t know the purpose but I’m guessing it’s only to make some cute, comedic scenes or something. Usually when a girl expresses her fondness for another girl, it’s done in an upbeat and funny way.

    Now that you’ve said it, it is kinda creepy if these characters are male. Except for one though – Takanashi from Working!! who likes cute little things include little girls.

    • Takanashi is the ultimate exception to the rule. He just like cute things and that’s that. It doesn’t have the dirty spin on it like a lot of other characters.

      I am used to this sort of character now too. I find it hard to recommend any anime with these sorts of characters to someone who doesn’t watch a lot of anime.

  5. The world has become a much better place because of this. Sure, some of these girls can be silly and not taken seriously, others…not so much. You can tell when one is actually serious about it (Sanae) or someone else is merely doing it because she’s lonely or always wanted a sister (Sena). In any case, don’t question it, EMBRACE IT!

    • I won’t deny that I appreciate these characters at times. Sena was great because she wasn’t always fawning over Kobato but Sanae was a bit too much. She had no personality except being really really creepy.

      I am curious as to how many of this type of character we get in the next few seasons.

      • Though I personally prefer lesbians who hunt girls about as close to their own age, I’m kinda glad the lolicon-ish lesbian is kept to a minimum. Eh, whatever. Just another “fetish” in the jokingly thousands that can be found in anime/manga.

  6. I noticed this a lot with quite a few different shows, and I was always confused why this archetype was so popular as well. It’s especially notable with Sanae, who has far less to her than any of the other girls, but gets far more screentime for some weird reason.

    • Sena was a step forward with this archetype but then Sanae was a big step backwards. if they are going to add these types of character I feel they need to be more complex.

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