Posted by: AceRailgun | January 5, 2012

100th post, the celebration of milestones

Is 100 posts worth celebrating? I don’t know but I’m going to celebrate it anyway, not with fireworks though. 

It hasn’t even been 6 months yet and I’ve reached 100 posts. Pretty impressive in my eyes as before that I’d contributed nothing to the giant pile of opinions that form the Internet. But on the other hand I know a lot of other bloggers are reaching greater milestones then I am so good job othr bloggers. Especially the ones that have been blogging over 5 years.

In my time blogging so far I’ve met many anime fan who share similar interests to myself and some that don’t. Yet somehow I manage to befriend some of them. I’ve also found a tiny portion of the Australian anime community which is a bonus.

In the future I hope to provide even more entertaining content which not only entertains the readers but also me. If I can make even one of you laugh at some point then mission accomplished. Although you will have to bare with me as I’m still honing my writing skills.

I am looking forward to expanding the blog in many ways which you will discover in time. I will also be trying to contributing to the anime blogging community and support as many new bloggers as is humanly possible.

I may have forgotten to purchase a cake so I guess we will just have to eat these dried biscuits, but then again since you are not in the same room as me I will just have to eat all these by myself. Have fun everyone it’s been a riot so far and I hope to spend much more time in the anime community.

As a bonus here is a picture of Nanako and Dojima with guns.


  1. Worth celebrating. 😀
    I haven’t post any of this milestone type of post before. I guess I will do it soon.
    Considering i’m almost at my 400th post, having already have 397 post, so far.

    I haven’t even found on person which is from my country….I guess not many of the bloggers in my country does this anime blog kinda of theme. 😦

    Being almost 6 months with those sort of numbers is good. Keep it up. 😀

    • Thanks. 🙂

      397 is a lot. You are way ahead of me.

      What country are you living in? I bet we can find another anime fan from there within two weeks.

      • Haha. Keep it up and you might be able to get pass me.
        I’m living in Malaysia. They have a lot of fans but I never stumbled on even one of the anime bloggers >_<

      • Malaysia hmmmm. I’ll keep it in the back of my mind if I ever find another anime blogger from there.

        I guess nobody there wants to write online.
        Except you that is. Good job representing an entire country. 😛

    • 500 done yesterday here! 😛
      But well, both me and Rei are a lot older than you Acerailgun. 😀

      • I guess you are right. You guys are experienced and I’m just the newbie. I catch up eventually though don’t you worry about that. 😛

      • Never going to catch up in terms of pure age I’m afraid. Time goes through in the same way for all of us my dear Kouhai 😛

      • Sure but right now you have 5 times more posts then me. I’ll be lowering that unless you can pump out 5 posts to my 1. 😛

      • 1 post per day, that’s my rule. you’ll probably go over me in mere months…:P

    • Last I heard Kurogane’s from Malaysia.

      • That makes the search a bit easier then. Thanks.

  2. Badass Nanako! And Tiger.. Unff.. I just.. ///
    Whoa, a fellow Australian Blogger? Thats awesome! 😀
    I also have some dried biscuits.. I’ll eat them too. Cheers. Also, Happy 100th post. ≧▽≦

    • Thanks

      I found 2 of them actually so including me that makes 3 of us blogging from Australia.
      Dried biscuits are obviously a great choice for party food.

  3. Congratulations on 100 posts!

    • And you have been around for all of them. 🙂


  4. Congrats!

  5. Hmm… my congratulatory post got eaten by the darkness of internet. Anyway, congrats!

    I’m nearing 100th myself.

    • Damn the darkness of the internet, don’t bother trying to save it you might dig up some really scary stuff.

      Good job with the almost hundred as well. I’ll have to keep an eye out for your big 100.

  6. A late congratulations on my part. I know you’ll keep on bloggin’ and I may not know of your awesomeness just yet but i can tell you’re a really interesting dood, dood.

    • Thanks dood.

      It’s good to see some new faces around here 🙂

      I expect I will produce many more posts in the future which will hopefully fill the awesome quota somewhat.

  7. Congratulations on all the posts. I’ve been around a bit longer and I’m just about to hit 50, so I know how impressive numbers like that are.

    • Thanks, I’ve been getting more comments lately so it’s a huge incentive to keep writing posts. Plus with all the new anime starting I know I’m going to have trouble posting less then once a day.

      50 is still a good number, if I wasn’t so crazy I’d probably only have about 50 😛

  8. Congrats ….dood

    I’m still trying to figure out how blogging works and it feels like I’ve got the edge to try it once more. I’m planning to start a blog where me and my friend can post are drawings together. Hopefully I can manage it and would’nt be discouraged so easily. Enough about me thanks you’ve been a great help thus far. Keep up the good work!

    • I don’t know how much of a help I’ve been but thanks.

      If you ever get your blog started link me to it. I’m interested to see what you come up with. 🙂

  9. Well you had been since you’re posts give me an inspiration to start up a blog.

    I did in fact but i think it would’nt be enough :
    Hahaha thanks for getting interested too.

    • It’s a good start but it needs work. That will come naturally when you start to post images on there.

  10. (^__^l) thanks. yeah it does I think I still need to tweak with it a little. Hopefully though I could get it to start running it the way blogs should be. Thanks though do keep in touch.

  11. Hey, I’ve been blogging for a little over a third of that time (started around the beginning of January) and I’ve got just over a tenth of that (15 posts, and 2 have nothing to do with anime), so you can consider me impressed. I’ll just console myself with the thought that I don’t do episodic reviews, so it’s natural for me to have a slower rate. Sniff.
    All jesting inferiority issues aside, though, congratulations! Keep it up! (And you can tell I mean that because I’ve been scouring your blog non-stop since I’ve found it, so you know I think it’s good.)

    • I posted a lot around Christmas when I was on holidays so that’s why my post count is so high. I thinks it’s up to just over 150 posts now.

      Not doing episodic reviews obviously leaves you with less posts. Remember it’s about quality not quantity.

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