Posted by: AceRailgun | January 4, 2012

Spoilers, Gah!

That is the sound I usually make when I witness something horrific, whether it be gore in a movie, an image search that ignores my sexual preferences or most commonly when I am witness to a spoiler.

Lets say you are ten years old and about to open your birthday presents, obviously this is exciting but then right when you are tearing away the corner of a huge box the size of a small car your brother jumps up and yells out “It’s a bike, dad got you a cool new bike and it’s green!” Being the calm child that you are you get up and slowly walk towards your brother. As you step up to him you look him in the eyes with a cold stare and he quivers nervously as you are radiating malice. Your hand raises high above your head and in an instant slaps him across the face leaving a stinging red handprint. You cackle like a mad man and then post on your blog about it.

Okay so that didn’t really happen, in the online community you usually just get to the part where the kid shouts spoilers in a comment section of a youtube video and then you frantically hit the big X in the top corner of the window. But the damage is done, you now know that Naruto dies at the end of the anime and depending on your personallity you either cry into your hands or punch the desk. Face palm is also appropriate.

So Naruto doesn’t really die, I think. That was just a fictional spoiler to get you worked up.

Have you ever been spoiled? I sure have, One Piece was ruined for me as a death was spoiled in the comments section of a youtube video for the 2nd intro song of Gosick. You heard me Gosick.

If you want to comment don’t spoil anything unless you like prints on your face of the stinging red variety.


  1. Funny that you would put a Persona picture in your post, because I was spoiled about the identify of the killer in Persona 4 before I even started the game.

    • That’s a shame, I managed to get through Persona 3 and 4 without spoilers although you could almost consider the box art for both games to be spoilers.

      Luckily Persona 4 had strong characters to support it even if the ending was spoiled.

  2. Lucky me, I have a rare ability to un-see stuff =P
    Well, most of the time, at least…

    • You’re lucky, I wish I had the ability to unsee some of the horrible horrible things I’ve seen.
      Most of the time I just try really hard to avoid spoilers in the first place.

  3. Even if I know the ending of something, I can still usually watch it. But still, spoilers can be pretty annoying, and I try to avoid giving them out myself. That being said, I do enjoy teasing people who don’t know the ending of stuff, like Persona 4 (hehe…feal).

    • I can usually get over it and watch it anyway but it’s still a pain when something has been ruined.

      I am very careful not to give out spoilers as I know the pain of being spoiled.

      You seem to tease Feal a lot about Persona 4 which I always find amusing to read, I’m surprised he hasn’t been spoiled yet with all the wallpaper finding he must be doing. That being said he didn’t seem to mind being spoiled for Naoto so as long as you don’t spoil the end I’m sure he won’t mind what details you divulge.

      • It almost makes me a bit anxious because I have all the spoilers bottled up inside and I’m waiting to talk about the juicy plot points.
        Naoto wasn’t really an important spoiler >.> It’s not like I told him who the culprit was…even though it was clearly the butler

  4. Vader is Luke’s father. Also, Dumbledore dies.


    There was one research showing that getting spoiled doesn’t necessarily affect enjoyment level of the content proper. But the fact we have those spoiler buttons / highlight text spoilers etc. in every forum probably shows that most people do mind.

    • You sir are tempting the hand of slaps. 😛

      That study was interesting and I think it’s weird that some people want spoilers.

      Spoiler buttons are very important especially if you are posting spoilers in places that normally wouldn’t have them.

  5. I got spoiled while reading a forum on the FUNimation website. The moderator was telling users not to spoil shows, except for old ones like Cowboy Bebop because XXXX dies at the end.

    :O Whaat? and I was only 2 episodes into the show. It ruined the entire experience for me, Bang!

    • That whole death of XXXX at the end of Cowboy Bebop can be left up to interpretation anyway. I like to think XXXX wasn’t dead anyway.

      I’m always careful reading about things I am interested in watching. The whole FateZero thing at the moment is going to kill me. I haven’t been spoiled YET.

  6. So basically you want to get spoiled by me?

    I’ll tell you a big one…Shu is a sissy!:P

    • Oh noes, I guess I should stop watching Guilty Crown now that I know how it ends. 😛

  7. “One Piece was ruined for me as a death was spoiled in the comments section of a youtube video for the 2nd intro song of Gosick.” .<

    • If I remember correctly I face palmed for over 5 minutes after reading the spoiler. It was a bad day.

  8. I had both a twist that happens halfway through Death Note, as well as the end of Death Note spoiled for me by a friend. Then to top it off he said what he told me wasn’t a spoiler, but since I hadn’t watched the series yet I was annoyed. I’m the type of person who when I find out about huge spoilers for a series I often won’t watch it even if I think it has an interesting premise – this has happened to me with Princess Tutu and Escaflowne.

    • Did you watch Death Note anyway? I think it would still be a great anime even if you knew what was going to happen. Both the spoiled moments are sudden anyway so I think If you knew about them you could still easily enjoy it.

      That being said feel free to slap that friend because he/she obviously doesn’t understand the concept of spoiling.

      • I did watch Death Note and really enjoyed it – it was the one exception to my ‘won’t-watch-if-spoiled-rule.’ When I rewatched it with my dad, I made sure not to tell him about what happens in the series, and he really liked it too. And for some reason, I’m less likely to get turned off from a manga if I find out huge plot twists ahead of time than with anime. I think it’s because I often tend to look at reviews of manga more than anime reviews, so I’ve gotten used to having my manga spoiled for me.

  9. Yeah Naruto didn’t die yet.. But spoilers sucks.. Even my reviews are spoiler free.
    I’ve stumbled upon a few spoilers, and it really pissed me off.
    I rarely read comments now on youtube as it has happened to be before =/

    • Youtube comments are just the thoughts of 13 year old children 90% of the time so normally I don’t expect too much and don’t bother reading them either.

      If Naruto did die it would be all over the Internet in minutes and it would be impossible not to know.

      I’m grateful you keep reviews spoiler free because I read reviews when I want to watch something new. What’s the point if the review spoils the story.

      • I guess so too. But if Naruto dies, it will be the end of the story. So I think the creator wouldn’t want that to happen just yet.
        True. I don’t get the idea of people doing reviews which has spoilers in it. Reviews are meant to be spoiler free/

  10. “an image that ignores my sexual preferences”
    Hahahaha! That’s gonna keep me laughing for a few days (so will your anecdote).
    The way I see it, spoilers should be kept out of comments, casual conversations, and so on. In reviews, however, the lines start to blur. The literal meaning of review is “view again,” which means that you know what has happened. Granted, if you’re just trying to recommend (or warn against) something to someone, then it should be avoided. That, however, I place in the same category as “casual conversation.” I mean, if you can make a review without spoilers, power to you, but attempting to look at something deeper without being able to reveal parts of it is…difficult, to say the least.
    As for spoilers and me, yeah, I’ve had some things spoiled for me before (yes, mostly on youtube comments). That said, nothing particularly *major* has been spoiled for me (mostly because I look for things like a show’s music AFTER I finish it), so I guess I’ve never been on the receiving (or giving, really) end of a full on “punch-to-the-face-spoiler.” I think I’d be pretty bummed if I did.

    • I don’t read YouTube comments for that very reason. It’s a source of many spoilers. I also don’t read reviews about things I plan to watch as some people don’t understand other might not want to be spoiled.

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