Posted by: AceRailgun | January 4, 2012

New Years Resolutions Anime Edition

I know it’s a couple of days late but I’m not one to dwell on the fine details. I’ve never done a proper new years resolution before but I though I’d try this time around.

It might end up as a huge failure but if I can achieve just one thing I set out to accomplish then I’m happy. I don’t have any bad habits that need to be kicked, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink and I most certainly don’t do drugs so that leaves me nothing. So I consider that three points in my favour. Please note that these are mostly crazy.


Serious anime related resolutions (720p)

– Obtain more manga. (legally)

– Obtain more anime. (legally)

– Watch the anime I have been recommended by readers.

– Finish a Touhou game

– Get girlfriend who loves anime.


Not so serious resolutions (480p)

– Watch anime I normally wouldn’t consider, Mecha, Yuri and Japanese Samurai stuff.

– Get full time work.

– Be more creative.


Crazy resolutions (Youtube rips with mono sound)

– Make funnier jokes in my blog.

– Learn proper web coding.

– Support anime podcasts

So crazy stuff I’ll probably never get around to doing aside does anyone else do new years resolutions? If so are they crazy and possible?


  1. Yuri and Japanese Samurai stuff… Yes. 😀
    And Touhou is really hard. Took me around 6 months to finish it. =P

    • Even though I said I would I will probably never finish a Touhou game, I’m hopeless at them.

  2. Touhou games are sooooooooo hard. I also wish they’d be released stateside on some platform. That’d be fun to play it on Wii Virtual Console or a PSP, or something.

    • True, I’d buy them all if they were on PSP in English. All the fiddling around trying to get them to run on PC is a pain, but I did manage eventually.

  3. Nice list. I’d like to obtain more manga and anime legally too. But to buy English-translated manga in my city is impossible. I had to either buy them online or fly to a country/city that actually sells them.

    • Flying out of the country to get manga would be expensive but I would admire your dedication. I ordered some Yotsuba manga online but the post office screwed up so I have to deal with that next Monday. Although normally buying manga from online stores is 99% safe.

  4. you seem pretty into podcasts…ever thought about starting one yourself?

    • I have thought about it but I don’t know if I wouldn’t have the time. I enjoy podcasts because it gives me something to do while I’m driving. Plus you get a lot more casual conversation in a podcast which you don’t really get in blog post. Unless you are on EmptyBlue. 😛

      • If it was like a weekly or one every two weeks thing, it’s just a matter of gathering the people together that you want on it. Recording usually takes like an hour or so and editing depends on how meticulous you are with it…I was always lazy about editing >.>

      • I might try one day. I am actually pretty good at sound editing as I did a lot of it during my university coarse. Have you evver done anything related to podcasting?

      • I once attempted to start podcast, but it wasn’t about anime and it ended up failing when no one wanted to be on it (talking by yourself is just awkward). I’ve also been on an anime podcast, and that was pretty fun.

      • Talking to yourself is always a little bit awkward.

        Which podcast were you on if you don’t mind me asking?

      • I was guest on one of the episodes of Anime Afterlife…not exactly a huge deal, but it was pretty fun, I guess

      • That’s cool, I’ve heard them before. Maybe I heard you without realising it.

      • I guess I don’t really have strong opinions, specifically strong negative opinions, so I don’t know whether that’s good or bad for a podcast. I think it’s cool to get a bunch of people together and just record a conversation, but I’m just afraid I’ll run into the same problem I had with the non-anime podcast I tried to make.

      • As long as you are interesting It doesn’t matter too much if you have strong opinons or not. I recall that Anime After Life had a lot of negative/hate discussion. Not so much bashing but if one of them hated something they weren’t afraid to say it. That being said some of my favourite conversations from them involved Yotsuba which they all loved.

        I’ve been talking to Kiddtic about podcasting a bit recently. Maybe we could organise something with him at some point.

      • I guess I just have trouble saying I hate stuff and it made me feel weird in the Afterlife podcast
        I wouldn’t mind joining in…just let me know

      • If we ever do anything i’ll let you know. It could end up being a lot of fun.

  5. getting a girlfriend who loves anime sounds hard enough

    • It could be a full time job and I might still fail. That being said I have had girlfriends in the past so I have a chance at least. If it happens it happens I guess.

  6. GoGoGo, yuri yuri!

    Get girlfriend who loves anime?! Pretty hard resolution…:P

    • It might be considered a dream more then a resolution. Surely it is not impossible though 😛

      I might have to take it up a notch and make it a 1080p level resolution.

      • haha I’m lucky enough to have a gf who loves anime

      • You are proof that they do exist. 🙂

  7. That is a lot of new year’s resolution there. Don’t forget your new year’s resolution in 1080p xD

    • I will never even get close to doing some of these resolutions but I will use them as a guide line.

      Getting a girlfriend is going to be challenging that’s for sure (1080p challenging) . Even with my stunning good looks and good sense of humour I will probably have trouble finding a girlfriend who is into anime. 😛 I may be using movies and television as a reference when I say that.

      Lucky I’m not the kind of guy to be ultra picky when it comes to women. 🙂

      • Haha probably 1080p indeed. I was thinking of getting an anime girlfriend as well. It is kinda hard. But you might be able to get one in an anime festival if you are lucky. Well i’m stuck with my girlfriend now anyway, might as well stay it that way >_<

        Speaking of picking a girlfriend, i'm really picky… A few expectation has to be meet before I could like someone xD

      • I wouldn’t know how to approach a girl at a convention or fesival so my hopes are dashed before they begin.
        “That’s a nice cosplay you have there.” Ace says.
        “Thank you.” The attractive girl says. Ace has no idea how to continue conversation and the girl walks away.

        I could theoretically get along with any girl as long as she isn’t ditzy and shared similar interests to me. She would probably have to be okay with sitting around the house a lot too because I don’t go out too much.

        If you like your girlfriend stick with her, I moved away from my second girlfriend and we broke up. Sometimes I think I shouldn’t have but oh well life goes on.

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