Posted by: AceRailgun | January 3, 2012

Site Mascot – Cassie – Artwork Round 3

Third round of Cassie artwork arrived in my inbox literally ten minutes after I posted round two but I wanted to make it a weekly thing so I held out on posting them until now. The theme this time was different types of technology for her metal parts.

RogueTwo’s version is has a more steam punk feel to it, I requested the metal look like copper instead of the usual steel look. ScruffyRonin version is more futuristic and reminds me of something but i’m not sure what and Sxania version has a slick design which give it a more streamline feel.

Full version

The artist of this piece is ScruffyRonin . Check out ScruffyRonin’s page.


Full version

The artist of this piece is RogueTwo. Check out RogueTwo’s page.


Full version

The artist of this piece is Sxania. Check out Sxania page.


Up until now I’ve been posting Cassie art once a week and although I’m sure the artist currently working on her will be done soon I don’t want to promise anything for next week so I’m going to say next round of Cassie art will be January 15th if all goes well. The next round is going to be something special as there is a version of Cassie in samurai armour and another version of her in the cutest lolita dress. After that round 5 might be another 2 weeks or even a month. It really depends on when the artist have free time.

I know I promised a bio for Cassie this week but I am super busy and will probably add it to the Site Mascot page within a week so keep an eye on that if you are interested too.

Special announcement for anyone who has read the novel so far. I’ve written a new character which appears later which is Cassie’s older sister. Feal should be happy about that.


  1. Mmm a Lolita dress… *drool*

    • I’ve only seen a portion of the sketch but it should turn out nicely. 🙂

  2. Liked only the third, the other’s face was a bit…:|

    • Each to his own I guess. I really like the second one.

      • Tastes are vary, but in the end only one thing is constant…all the bishoujos are belong to me! 😛

      • I can’t blame you for inconsistency, you know what you like after all.

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