Posted by: AceRailgun | December 28, 2011

Upcoming Anime #1 Sankarea

So we already know about the 2012 winter season but what’s after that? We have all heard of Eureka Seven Ao and Fate Zero but there is more anime going to start at the same time. One of those is Sankarea which is an anime about zombies.

I sat down and read the first 3 chapters of the manga and i’ve got to say it’s good. Well it’s got a hook, a really good hook which kept me reading long enough to get into the story.

The main protaognist, Chihiro Furuya is a highschool boy, yes just like every other protagonist. However he has two unique qualities, the first is that he has an confident personallity but he also comes across as a bit mysterious. The second is that he has a zombie fetish, he likes all things zombies, movies, dolls, even his idea girlfriend would be a zombie.

That’s where Rea Sanka, the girl whom the anime/manga is named after, to escape her overbearing father she wants to die and become a zombie. I’m not sure exactly that will make her father disown her but I presume he does. The cool thing about Sanka is that she is funny and actually cute. Not the kind of cute where they look pretty but the kind where she does cute things. She is pleasant on the eyes too.

The story is most likely going to be focused on the romantic relationship between the two protagonists and the implications of being a zombie. She isn’t a braindead zombie but more like the zombie guy out of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka. There was also a little bit of female nudity which I presume will be taken out of the anime and simply be converted into eechi fan service instead.

I’m definitely going to be watching this anime in the Spring season, I just hope the quality of story telling from the first three chapters remains the same for the whole thing.


  1. Dood….zombies rock (not implying on Plants Vs. Zombies btw)
    Cool male protagonist i wonder y he likes zombies so much?

    • Not sure I think it’s just a character trait that will never be explained. He seems to have a thing for all horror things. The picture of his room was creepy.

  2. dood….my kind of guy
    i wonder if the manga would further explain why he likes creepy stuff…
    Kinda remnds me of Tim Burton if u know what i mean

    • I’d read more to find out but then it will spoil the anime and I wouldn’t want that. He had this female cousin that was really into it too which meant they had a strange relationship.

  3. I think of your recommendations, I’ll start with this one first. This one caught my eye of the three and, of all the other ones you could have, this one was posted first meaning it must’ve caught your eye, too.

    Kinda feels funny looking forward to Spring anime when the Autumn season hasn’t officially ended yet nor has Winter even started. But I’ll give one a try soon.

    • I know it’s strange, I’m more excited for Spring now even though I’ve been waiting for the Winter anime such as Black Rock Shooter, Another and Nisemonogatari for a few months now. I guess we all just want what we can’t have.

  4. This actually sounds interesting. I like it when a high school anime tries new tropes for their main characters!

    • When I was reading it I couldn’t really predict what the characters were going to do unlike most high school anime. They just kept doing unpredictable things. After reading a few other things from the Spring 2012 season I’ve got to say this one is going to be one of the better ones.

  5. Mitsuru Hattori art + Zombie = Nuff said! Definitely watching this. Ever seen Kenkō Zenrakei Suieibu Umishō you can imagine why.

    • I loved up Kenkō Zenrakei Suieibu Umishō and it sounds funny. Mitsuru Hattori art is nice so if they can get a similar style happening for the anime it would be great.

  6. Looking forward to this one. I have my eyes on this anime since the day they announced it was going to become an anime.

    • You have good taste, just from the few chapters of the manga I could tell this is going to one of the best anime of the Spring season. I hope I don’t have to eat my words three months from now.

  7. I have read 20 chapters of the manga and it was worth it. Its the kind of manga that keeps you reading. If the anime adaptation is done correctly this might be really good.

    • Yeah I thought I’d better stop reading the manga so I don’t know everything by the time I come to write about the anime. It was very hard to put down. Same for Tasogare Otome x Amnesia I had trouble putting that aside for a few months too.

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