Posted by: AceRailgun | December 28, 2011

Shinryaku!? Ika Musume Episode 12 Final

As much as I love squid girl and will miss it when it’s gone. I hope this is the last season they do because I feel they have exausted the idea and going any further would be overkill. 

That being said I think the manga is still ongoing so we may very well get more episodes later on.

This episode was only broken into two parts, the second one being longer so that they could have a teen drama emotional plot which involved tears. The first part went back to Squid Girl origins and she actually did some invading but it’s become very clear that she has no idea how to invade and cannot get past the dramatic entrance before forgetting what to do. It doesn’t help that she can’t scare anyone but Nagisa plus her inflicting pain on Sanae is the equivalent of pleasuring her.

It’s a bit late in the game to be practising invading but at least it was entertaining. The part with the zombies in Squid Girl’s imagination was very amusing.

The second part of the episode was interesting to see mostly because of the stuff with Chizuru. It’s never been clear as to how much Chizuru wants Squid Girl around until now. When Eiko and Squid Girl start fighting Chizuru is the first to step in and try and fix it and when squid girl gets lost Chizuru is the first to set up a search party.
It’s clear now that Chizuru wants Squid Girl around and that may be the reason she captured hired her in the first place.

It is also stated that Squid Girl had successfully invaded there lives. Obviously any kind of large scale invasion wouldn’t be possible for squid girl but it makes you think what were her real intention to begin with. Was the invasion just a cover so that she could enter the dinner and infiltrate a family. I like to think that was the plan all along that way Squid Girl comes across as smart.

Season 2 didn’t change much for me so Squid Girl is staying in the same place on my Top anime list which is 46/145.

If you like anime comedy you will probably like Squid Girl.

Season  two squid on table count: 5


  1. You never know, should there be a 3rd season, we may FINALLY get answers on who the mysterious 2nd squid girl really is and why she keeps appearing only in season finales. We’ll also get answers on who is worthy of becoming Ika’s girlfriend in her all girl harem. Yes, I know Eiko’s the most likely candidate but I’m hoping its either Kiyomi or the girl in the orange bikini. Notice I didn’t say Sanae because she needs to change her strategy BIG TIME if she hopes to earn The Squid of Destiny’s trust. However, knowing Sanae and her masochism, she’s perfectly fine with their current relationship. Too bad for her she’ll never by Da Squid if she keeps that up.
    As for everyone else, they’re cool the way they are, except Chizuru.

    • Chizuru is so scary. I have nightmares everytime she opens her eyes.

      I also noticed the huge breasted orange bikini girl. She gives Cindy a run for her money.

      It would be really funny if Shinryaku! Ika Musume turned into some kind of lesbian harem for the 3rd season. It’s not impossible but I’d say it’s highly unlikely. Now you have got my hopes up.

      • The way the 2nd season practically made it canon, it wouldn’t be completely weird if they’d go in that direction…I certainly wouldn’t mind…hmhmhmhmhmhm. The more I talk about Orangekini, the guiltier I get for how I feel for her.

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