Posted by: AceRailgun | December 27, 2011

Knowing the lyrics to a Japanese song

There is about half a dozen Japanese songs which I can sing the lyrics or a portion of the the lyrics for even though I don’t know Japanese. Am I the only one that does this or does everyone?

I don’t know what I’m singing about either which adds to the fun of it. Now i’m not big on singing and would never do it in public but I have a bad habit of singing loudly in my off tune man voice when i’m driving or home alone. Much to my neighbours disgust.

I did a Japanese coarse in University to fill up a slot last year and I have to say I learnt a lot about the Japanese language but I still have no idea what I am singing about. I only ever download intro and ending themes which is probably a bad habit as it means I don’t learn the Japanese singer or bands. That and I never hear Japanese music apart from what is in anime. I’m sure i’m not the only one that operates like that.


A few of the songs I can sing all the words for are.

Bad Apple – Touhou

Full Metal Alchemist Intro 1 Melissa

Haibane Renmei ending Blue flow

One Piece Bink’s sake

Soul Eater ending 1 I wanna be


Songs I can sing portions of

Jungle Wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu intro Love tropicana

Last Exile intro Cloud age symphony

One Piece intro 1 We are

Puella Magi Madoka Magica ending Magia

Shiki intro Kuchizuke


I know these aren’t Japanese but I can sing them

Mushi Shi intro Sore feet

Samurai Champloo intro Battlecry

Spice and Wolf ending 1 Ringo hiyori the wolf whistling song

I am also know all the lyrics from most of the Persona 3 and Persona 4 OST’s.


So the big question is am I the only weird one that sings to himself when he’s alone or do other people do it too? What anime songs do you love to sing or listen to?


  1. I have some trouble understanding even certain English songs. I once tried to learn the second opening to Yugioh 5Ds, but it didn’t pan out. Although like most people, I can probably sing the first Spice and Wolf ending on cue.

    • I love the first Spice and Wolf song, ever time I hear it I want to sing it, but if people are around I just whistle. 🙂

  2. Ha ha no you’re not the only weird one . .
    I know the dango song XD But I have a habit of singing to anime songs when they’re Nightcore’d.

    • I forgot about the Dango song I know that off by heart too. All the Clannad was good but hard to sing.

  3. I would not consider it unusual at all, I have caught myself singing or at least mouthing the lyrics to songs very frequently…. even if I am more of a listener to instrumental tracks.

    • I just hum the stuff that has no lyrics which I have mountains of on my computer hard drive.

  4. yeah…there are a lot of songs that I’ve heard so many times that I’ve memorized the lyrics despite not understanding them…but I’ve gotten into the habit of downloading japanese songs that arent just opening and ending themes, so I’ve learn quite a few bands

    • That’s a good habit to have, I know about 3 Japanese bands and the name of 1 singer. I should be so ashamed. I probably know the lyrics for more Japanese songs then popular English songs so I know I am not ‘hip’ or ‘cool’

  5. I’ve always hated my singing voice, so I never sing out loud…I do memorize a lot of lyrics in my head, though (without really catching the meaning). I didn’t really listen to any non-anime Japanese music until a little less than a year ago, when I watched Break Blade and was introduced to KOKIA. God I love that singer (I count it as non-anime because I started listening to her songs that weren’t anime-related).

    As for my first totally non-anime related J-band, I started listening to Boris not long ago, which caused me to buy my first hard copy CD (I burned most of my brother’s collection for other stuff). Yeah, that’s me and Japanese music. Not very extensive, but I like to think I’m expanding my views a little more every day.

    • I’m terrible when it comes to Japanese music that isn’t from anime. i don’t know many of the band names to be complete honest.

      I only ever sing out loud when I’m alone. My voice is very standard and certainly not good enough for others to hear me sing.

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