Posted by: AceRailgun | December 26, 2011

Site Mascot – Cassie – Artwork Round 2

So it’s time for the second round of artwork for Cassie the site mascot and I’ve got say I just love this batch. Artists are so talented and should be respected by all us normal folk. The deviant artists love me now because I’ve been spending some of my money on them. I may slow down a little on the commissions for now but there will definitely be a round 3 next week and a round 4 some time in the future. I’m looking forward to unique commissions next year such as my birthday(June), Halloween and Christmas version of my character.

Full version

The artist of this piece is FayntScrapHeap . Check out FayntScrapHeap’s page.


Full version

The artist of this piece is Isangkutsarangmoe. Check out Isangkutsarangmoe’s page.


Full Version

The artist of this piece is Lires. Check out Lires page.


I would be so happy if anyone reading these mascot posts has been inspired to commission art or create there own original characters. The people accepting commissions over on deviant art are mostly nice and easy to deal with and very flexible with what they will draw. You can get some of them to draw anything, my site banner for example. Except for this one guy which keeps treating me like a child, he is lucky he is a telented artist otherwise I would tell him to *insert nasty comments*

The piece by Isangkutsarangmoe is also up on danbooru, I never thought my character would end up on Danbooru, you can check it out here Here

If you have a great idea for a future Cassie artwork or interested in getting paid to draw her just leave a message. For more Cassie artwork and information check out the site mascot page.


  1. Nicely done artists. I envy your skills.

    Also, working on Christmas, man? Take a break once in a while. 😀

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    • Australia isn’t in Christmas mode any more, it’s actually 8am on the 26th. I had a killer day off yesterday and left the blog in automode for 90% of the day.

      I envy the artists too. At least I can write….. a lot.

      • Oh right, I forgot that you’re completely on the other side of the world. Well done, me.

  2. The second one is so cute! Damn, I need a cute mascotte as well…
    Can I kidnap yours?! XD

    • You’d have to get around me first 😛

      • Challenge accepted! 😀

      • Maybe I could write her a sister, then you can have her instead.

      • Where do I have to sign?!

      • I’ve been thinking about this idea a fair bit now and I just had a great idea. I think I could work Cassie’s older sister into the story very easily.

  3. Wow she’s cute! I wish someone could draw for me!

    • Thank you,
      The three artist that drew these images are still accepting commissions for the time being if you are interested.

  4. A kawaii cyborg angel eh? Lots of great artwork here. I’ve always wished I could draw decently, but that takes a ton of practice to get any good at.

    I also like the high five in the site banner–very fun.

    • She sure is different from the usual character people come up with, which was half the reason I thought she would make a good mascot. That and the fact that she is so cute.

      The banner was a spur of the moment commission 🙂 I reckon i’ll get someone else to do something similar in a few months.

  5. I really like Cassie your site mascot, she’s really cute. Since seeing this post on your site, I have been thinking of adopting a mascot of my own for my blog. I would love to know more about Cassie like favourite food, etc!

    • It’s great to hear you are interested in getting a site mascot, If you want art created I can easily recommend some great artist within any kind of price range and ones that are willing to design characters from scratch based of descriptions.

      Since she is the main character in the novel I’m writing. I wrote out a bio to make it easier to remember all the details about her. I am posting another round of Cassie artwork next Monday and if you are interested I can also add the bio to the bottom of that post.

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