Posted by: AceRailgun | December 26, 2011

Is blogging a competition?

Today I found a dark corner of the Internet equivilent to a pit full of hungry wolves in a forest at night. Someone was standing at the lip of the pit poking the wolves with a stick and the base of the hole was filled with bones and a ripped t-shirt with Haruhi on it.


In this place which I hope to never accidentally wander into again I witnessed a conversation which ended in a statement about how the blogger treated other bloggers as competition.
In the article he wrote about how he would boast to his friends when his blog got more views then another blog and how he would get angry when another newer blog got more hits then his. Is this childish or simply our inner thoughts expressed honestly. I though nothing of the article at first as I was too busy running from the wolves but after about an hour past I was thinking to myself about how he is kind of right.


I honestly don’t care too much about comment count or page views but it is always nice when these things are high.  But treating the other bloggers as competition seem like a dumb move. Half my readership at this point is other bloggers, and I joined the online anime community to make friends with them not have petty competitions. Is this just me or do some of  you serious consider me… well maybe the more popular bloggers to be competition?


So here is a question for you, do you consider other bloggers as competiton?


  1. It’s essentially a giant pissing contest when people do that. I mean, yeah, I’ll celebrate milestones (like five, ten, twenty thousand hits), but I won’t brag about it.

    Hell, I’ll probably be humbled that people care enough to actually read my stuff.

    • That sounds about right, I haven’t hit any milestones worth bragging about so I’ll just keep quiet for the time being, I’m mostly happy when someone comments and when the view count sky rockets. If someone is taking the time to read my rambling then I couldn’t be happier.

  2. Realistically, there will always be some people who for some reason like the competition….

    Personally, I write what I want because I want to do so and it is a good way to spend time / get your thoughts out to the world. Every website has its own unique content to share, and I personally spend hours browsing around others blogs so no…. you should treat other bloggers as friends and allies.

    • I can’t stand competition to be honest. Especially with things that aren’t suppose to be. Other bloggers understand how hard it is to post consistently and know the feeling of getting high view counts and replies.

      I surf blogs for hours on end sometimes and leave a trail of comments in my wake. I think getting to know more people can only be a good thing in the blogging community so you don’t want to go around bragging about high view counts too much.

      Cool blog by the way I’m surprised I didn’t stumble upon it sooner.

      • In the end, if someone blogs for the simple fact of getting a high view count and little enjoyment otherwise it will result in them burning out and more likely to drop out of the blogosphere. I might post a lot on some days, but it is a good time-filler in between my usual work and gives me the opportunity to browse around as well… although I will admit I could be a better commentor at times =P.

      • >can’t stand competition

        Out of curiosity, why’s that?


        I honestly hate commenting because, if someone replies, I feel like I need to always reply so I don’t seem like an asshole who ignored them. Seconding the fact that I could be a better commenter.

      • I always lose competitions 😛
        I only comment when I feel it is appropriate and I know i’ll get a response I am looking for. Plus I can tell when some wants a comment and will be happy to reply to it 🙂

        However there is some anime blogs I have posted on that never reply to comments. Which is a real shame.

      • >I always lose competitions 😛

        Fair enough 😛

        >However there is some anime blogs I have posted on that never reply to comments. Which is a real shame.

        I could never do that. Even the most inane things, I /will/ think up a response to.

  3. Competition over views?! That’s pathetic anyway!

    Blogging is, for me, just a funny hobby! The views and comments are a nice reward that I really appreciate (and celebrate), but that’s it. I don’t compete with anyone…:P

    • Which is exactly why I will not be returning to the place I found the initial comments about blogging being a competition.

      As a funny hobby is a great reason to blog 🙂 I do it so I can meet people and develop my language skills to a point which is appropriate for a want to be novelist.

      • Exactly! It makes them feel like the owner/writer is a real person who listens to people instead of just some drone behind a keyboard.

      • I am a real person so I want them to know that 🙂 there is nothing worse then getting a response which sounds like a computer could have written it.

    • >Blogging is, for me, just a funny hobby!

      Hobby here, too. But I would KILL to make a living (or even just some side money) doing something like this. And I only compete with myself, mostly because my ‘most views’ is a really wonky number and I’d like it to be something more round.

      • Well I always reply to comments on my blog and that will never change. If someone is going out of there way to talk to me of coarse I’m going to reply. Even if it is a crazy comment. Plus talking to new people keeps them coming back.

  4. I treat blogging as a way to improve my writing skills, and like it as a time filler in my life also. I try to limit myself to posting no more then two posts per day in genral. When I first started blogging many years ago, I wanted my blog to cater to readers that like images, though it may take myself some time to cap them, but once I see the post preview or blog post, it’s worth it IMO. I have always been a fan of quality over quantity in terms to blogging.

    • There is a lot of blogs which use images as a major factor in the posts and I respect that as long as you can choose good images. You have been blogging for a long time so I would assume you are a pro at screen capping and setting up posts quickly now. I admire your dedication to blogging long term.

      Up until last a week or so ago I had only been posting once a day tops, so usually between 5-8 posts a week but the last couple of days i’ve had free time and lots of opinions so I made a bunch more posts then usual. That and the amount of replies i’ve gotten in the last few days is bigger then usual so blogging is filling my time nicely. 🙂

      It’s a great way to pass the time.

  5. Comparing stats is kinda pathetic, but if you look at other bloggers you admire and say you want to be better than them, that’s a good sort of competition. It helps you to become a better writer

    • Totally agree which is exactly the reason I fled those dark parts of the Internet.
      Trying to surpass something greater then yourself is always a good motivation but it’s certainly not something that should be bragged about or used to bring others down around you.

      Plus if my writing can be improved in that process I’m not complaining. 🙂

  6. I like writing on my blog. I like to share news to other people as well. It’s nice when someone come to yours blog and comment, ‘hey nice post, I didn’t knew about this’. This kind of comment is what keeps me want to blog more.

    I don’t think it is a competition. But it is nice to have a high rank on the internet. It is also nice to have a lot of views and comments on a blog. I don’t really boast about this stuff but I like when I know that everyone found out that my blog is useful. It it weren’t for the viewers, I would have stopped blogging. It’s not fun to know that no one is reading you content.

    • I find out stuff from your website all the time 🙂

      I don’t know if anyone would blog without readers, the feedback is probably the most important part for any blogger. It’s nice when you get good feedback from someone friendly who appreciates what you are doing. It makes it worth doing again and again.

  7. The only way I’d see blogging as a competition is the ‘rush’ to write about a specific topic before anyone else does, rather than to get more views or followers than other bloggers. But I like reading other people’s stuff and I’m happy whenever anybody finds what I write to be interesting. As someone who was reluctant to even start a blog because I thought no one would pay attention to what I had to say, it’s great to see people responding to my stuff. But in the end, I write for myself and those who love anime and manga. Simple as thought.

    • The rush to publish something about an episode was a big one for me in the beginning, I would get all frantic if I hadn’t published a post about something that had aired over 24 hours ago.

      Now however I know I can wait just that little bit longer before it’s going to have a bad effect on my readership. I enjoy finding other people that are watching the same thing and having conversations about it even if it isn’t on my blog.

      It’s always nice to get the readers but I think it’s most important to write about what you love. It’s also important to enjoy the writing process otherwise there is no pointing writing at all.

  8. While may naturally turn into a competition, I think that treating it as such intentionally is a mistake. It’s good to feel the pressure of competition because it drives you to do better, but I think that shoving these things into people’s faces is an awful idea. In the end, the success of a blog depends on the people who read it, and if you piss off the people that read it, then you’re basically digging your own grave. Personally, I look at the milestones that people reach and think to myself “if they’re reaching this milestone faster than me, then maybe I’m doing something wrong, or not so optimally.” I think this sort of thing is fine.

    • I’m so far from any real milestones that I haven’t really though about how to appropriately celebrate one. If I did reach a good milestone I would be careful how I celebrate so I don’t come across as a horrible person.

      I never expected I’d need to optimise how I post but it kind of just happened.

      • It’s hard to reach a milestone without thinking something like “Well, this doesn’t seem like that much. I probably shouldn’t celebrate until I reach twice as much as this.” And then it’s just a vicious cycle from there….

      • Maybe I should learn to celebrate the smaller stuff. I think i’m just like that because In one day my Deviant Art account (which I don’t post art on) I just favourite stuff got 350+ hits in one day because I fav’d 3 artworks i’d commissioned.

        Maybe I’ll set a milestone and celebrate it when it eventually rolls around.
        Have you ever celebrated a milestone?

      • nope…haven’t celebrated a milestone…haven’t exactly hit anything worth noting in my eye

  9. I think it’s silly to treat blogging as a competition. Different blogs are not mutually exclusive, so there’s no reason one getting hits should negatively affect any other blog.

    • That’s what I was thinking the whole time I was reading the guys article. Most people view more then one blog anyway so it’s not one blog having hundreds of hits is going to affect another blog.

  10. I think it’s fine if people see blogging as a competition if that’s what they want or what they enjoy about it but the moment they start bring others down or creating negative consequences, then that’s going to far. Everyone should have respect for each other and making others feel bad about their posts, their view counts or any other stats number, or the anime they like, then it becomes unacceptable. But if people want to have friendly competitions, compare what’s worked and not between each other, and strive for new goals, then I can’t fault them for that. Everyone is into blogging for a different reason and as long as you enjoy it and don’t detract from anyone else, then why not?

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. Working together with the other bloggers is a great way to expand the community and share ideas about blogging. What bugs me is when a select few take it too far and start to get a bit to ‘destructive’ with their comments. Reading anything negative without good reason tends to scare me off.

  11. Ugh, that kind of competition is just silly. I blog because I like anime and because I like to write. There isn’t really anymore to it. Seeing high numbers is nice and all, but ultimately I’m just doing what I enjoy.

    If anything I admire other bloggers. I spend a lot of time reading other blogs because I want to learn from others and hopefully make friends with other anime fans. Competing or having a desire to become “better” (whatever that even means) would ruin what I enjoy about this whole experience.

    • Agreed, It seems that the negativity I discovered was limited mostly to just that one place. 90% of the bloggers I have met are nice people that are blogging either because they enjoy it or want to meet new people with similar interests. I do it for both those reasons and because it gives me a good excuse to practise my writing skills.

      I like your blog by the way 🙂

      • After all, one can never have enough writing practice.

        And thank you! That makes my day (^.^).. or well, night.. xD

  12. As a Saiyan . . I am extremely competitive. I fallow the godly Vegeta 😛 No, JK. Blogging is fun and relaxing. I would love more comments and views. But, as a newbie, I can only look up to those blogs that are doing so well. Competition is fun, but like so many of you said . . i’d rather have blog friends. Plus, it would totally go against the cool Japanese

    • I love the idea of polite capitalism. Applying a similar kind of thing to the anime community seems logical. We all want more views and readers and at the same time we can all easily support and befriend each other. Not with rainbows and smile, god no. I mean with compliments when appropriate and critisim if necessaries.

      We can also team up and scare off the wolves. 😛

  13. I don’t think blogging is a competition. It may be beneficial to consider it though but only if it’s the light hearted type.

    Should blogging be something you do to wind down and get your opinion out there?

    I know I’m a newborn baby in comparison to most of the veterans out there, but I’ve made some very good friends in the short time that I’ve been here and I really can’t see blogging as nothing more than a friendly community of writers.

    As many here are saying: It’s a fun hobby.

    • I think for most of us blogging is just a relaxing past time used to wind down. I don’t think there is any point getting all hyped up about stats. Stats happen you just have to deal with it.

      I know I enjoy reading and writing a lot more thanks to blogging and the interesting posts I read are sometimes inspiring.

  14. I don’t really like to treat as competition, since that wasn’t my primary reason for my blog. Like Nyan Nyan above, I had the same reasons which was to improve my writing and help with writing more loosely. I want to be better a writer and make my site meaningful, but that really does not come page views alone. All that sounds like to me is despair cry for attention, lol.

    • It was a huge cry for attention that’s for sure. I’d still write on my blog if I only had one reader for all I care. In a years time I’m going to look back on my first 10 posts and see just how much I have improved. It will be interesting to say the least.

  15. I’ll admit it. Wehn I saw that feal87 had hit over 1000000 views in less than a year, I was a bit jealous and asked myself what I had to do to increase my view count? Then yesterday, something happened. I wrote two blog posts that reminded me why I made a blog in the 1st place, having fun while writing. Sure, like every other blogger I crave as many views and comments as possible but there’s no point if you’re angry all the time. I figured, if I’m not enjoying this,how will others enjoy visiting my domain? Besides, I take pride in being the happiest guy on the blogosphere who’s still attending college. I will never forget that blogging is a hobby, not a competition ever again.

    • Competing with 1,000,000 views is a silly thing to do as Feal is an image blog too.

      As long as you are enjoying the blogging process it shouldn’t matter how may views you get. Comments are nice too as I enjoy the communication aspects of blogging as much as I enjoy the creative writing.

  16. I think it’s kind of silly to compete “success” with others when it comes to blogging, because for almost all of us, no matter how well we do, there will be someone with more hits (and someone with less) in the blogosphere. Having a jealous mentality is just going to tire one out.

    With that said, I think what is a productive attitude would be to have a healthy ego when it comes to blogging. Take pride in what we do, look at the success of fellow bloggers, and always realize that we can do even better ourselves. The difference is subtle, but it’s all just a frame of mind I guess.

    • That seems to be the approach a lot of people have come up with and I tend to agree. Without some kind of ego or pride there would be no reason to want to produce better content or expand your blog to “compete” with others. Whether we like it or not we have to compete with each other because no one person could read all the blogs in the world. It only takes a little bit of effort to make a difference and that bit of effort could be the difference between on reader and one hundred.

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