Posted by: AceRailgun | December 25, 2011

Fate Zero Episode 13 Final

Season 1 ends with a lot of talking but it was the good kind as it involved Waver and Rider. Rider, Saber and Lancer set up a fight with Caster but don’t start, plus nobody died either so it was kind of average.

Well Rider did buy a games console this episode so it’s not all bad and we got to see Saber in her battle dress too so I can’t complain.


Waver seems to be warming up to Rider a lot reccently so it’s going to be hard on him if or when Rider leaves. Waver goes to the library to uncover some information about Rider and ends up learning more about him in conversation then from a book. They then walk home together and for a moment Waver seem more mature then Rider but then Rider spouts some more details about his past. Waver’s respect for Rider is even greater now so it’s going to be painful to watch their inevitable separation in the second half of the series.


Caster and Ryūnosuke also  bond a lot this episode which is kind of scary because nothing good can come from a pair of child murdering freaks who consider piles of corpse as a work of art. It sounds like something out of a horror movie. I say good job to Waver and Rider for discovering and destroying Caster’s secret base.


If the preview is to be believed then we can also expect to see Berserker and Archer fighting at some stage too in three months from now. I guess for now we have to put Fate Zero in the back of are minds otherwise we are going to go crazy waiting for it to start again.


  1. Now 3 months of wait, awwww. Hopefully some decent series will air in this new season to pick up Fate/Zero place… 😛

    • I hope so too. Maybe Black Rock Shooter will be a good replacement. Either that or Another.

  2. Man, it’s too long!!!! 😦 You know what I mean…

    • All the big fans of the series are in for a long 3 months. I’m just praying I don’t stumble upon spoilers from someone that has finished the original material already.

  3. resist…reading…light novel…

    • I may have found a link to it yesterday, but for the time being I am resisting the urge to finish it in an afternoon.

  4. There isn’t exactly anything wrong with no one dying, characters start dropping like flies in the second half anyway, but I do agree that this was a kind of indecisive/average point to end the season on. Short of some interesting development with Caster and Ryuunosuke and what could be the beginnings of a divide between Waver and Rider, nothing really happened. Something that one more episode would have fixed.

    Anyway so far I’d have to say that this has been a near perfect adaptation, and if you’re feeling tempted you could start reading the LN if you want more explained. Just make sure to stop at either Act 10 or 11.

    • I might try the light novel if I get around to it. Although I know if I started it i’d have to finish it and then my blog posts for the second half of the season would be less interesting to read because I wouldn’t be making crazy predictions.

      All the characters are going to be wiped out at a rate at of one every two or three episodes if they want to kill them all off. Otherwise it’s going to one hell of a blood bath in the last episodes.

      • Some survive but those who do are hardly unscathed, it actually makes some of the things in FSN kind of depressing.

        It would be too easy just to keep going, there is a break off point at Act 11 for what’s happening in the anime now, but what mainly slowed me down when I was reading it was the speed that it was being translated. And stuff really starts happening after that break off point as well.

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