Posted by: AceRailgun | December 24, 2011

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 12

After this episode I’m ready to name Persona 4 The Animation my favourite anime ever. But for the sake of being someone professional and not a drooling fan boy I’ll keep the praise to a minimum.

Although this episode is based on Mitsuo Kubo and his game world it leans more towards Yu and his struggles. Yu is trapped in a distorted timeline created by Mitsuo’s shadow and is forced to live out events if his friendships slowly fade away. It was horid to see this unfold but really powerful, It started with Yukiko and Rise and eventually even his friendship with Yosuke fades. It takes months but it happens.


To make matters worse for Yu, Nanako cruelly (as a child does) reminds him that his friends stopped coming around. It all leads up to the scene in Yu’s room where he cannot see the midnight channel and cannot summon persona’s simple because the social links are gone. Sure it seems like Yu just needs friends to power up his Persona ability but it feels more like he genuinly want to keep the friendships he has formed.


Yosuke saves the day and rescues Yu and then they proceed to fight against Mitsuo’s shadow in a very stylish battle. Yu constantly summoning personas is very impressive and the group at this point realise he is more powerful then they imagined. He is almost powerful enough that they could become scared of his power.


A bit of Persona 3 thing here but I believe that if the Persona 3 protagonist Minato did the same thing as Yu did this episode he would scare his friends, they would respect his power but at the same time be afraid of it.


I hope the final battles in Persona 4 The Animation have the high quality multiple persona battles except with more high tier persona’s being summoned. Also it would never happen but it would be the most epic call back ever if Yu summoned Minato’s Persona’s Orpheus or Thanatos during his fight with the final bosses.


Next episode is the one all us fans of the game can get excited about, it’s going to be an original story dealing with a lot of the minor social links and the fox. Hooray for the fox.


  1. Minato’s Orpheus or Thantos. That would be awesome! (Is the hugest Persona 3 fangirl ever.)

    • I am a huge Persona 3 Fanboy myself. I’ve played through every version of the game.

      • /Fan-girl/boy high five
        Me too.. Sorta.. I originally played P3P. & I played P3 FES on my friends PS2. & the ending is so sad.
        /le loves Ryoji and Shinjiro..

      • P3 FES ending was amazing. I love how Aegis takes control of the group through those last fights.

        Shinjiro was my favourite male character, Junpei second. But I have to say Aegis is my favourite out of all of them.

  2. I don’t know why, but the more I think about it, the more I start to think that the policeman, father of Nanako is going to be the shock event of the series.
    Be either killed by the murderer or be the murderer…:|

    • Poor Doujima. When I played it the first time I was suspecting all kinds of things, even Yosuke.
      I don’t want Doujima to be killed, what will happen to poor little Nanako if that happened.

      • True enough, being Nanako is suffering…:(

  3. I admit I got a chill when he started spamming his personas. I’ll also admit I got a weird Yugioh 5Ds vibe when he referred to Pyro Jack as “Jack Lantern”.

    So someone else is excited about the fox showing up. I didn’t know if he would, but I really hoped.

    • The fox was like a massive troll taking all my money in the game. I’ll be glad to see him back. I don’t know why they translate it as Pyro Jack when he is clearly saying Jack Lantern, sure in the English version of the game it’s called Pyro Jack but oh well.

      I’m really looking forward to the next episode.

  4. *wipes away drool* drooling fanboy? what do you mean??

    Everyone must be informed of the amazingness of the fox!! I wonder if they’d even have it fight O.o

    • That would be so funny, I just want to see if he pays it for healing, that would be so amusing in anime form and make next to no sense to anyone that hasn’t played the game.

      • I’d laugh so hard if he has to pay the fox for the healing

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