Posted by: AceRailgun | December 23, 2011

Guilty Crown Episode 11

So I knew Shu was going to do a 180 in the next episode or two and become a proper anime hero like he should have already been. It happen and it happened in style. This episode is exactly what Guilty Crown promised us from the beginning. 

So within the coarse of a single episode the Shu got all his friends back, the enemy got a new leader, three important characters died and a new super villain was introduced.

Lets start with the friends. Shu calls all his friend to his side and explains the situation, something all anime heroes need to do some much eariler before everyone starts to hate them. He then rallies them and they go on a joy ride in an armoured car through military bloackades and into the heart of the battle. The entire scene involving the car chase had me on the edge of my seat. It was well animated and the suspense was just right. It was also backed by great music. Similar to the scene in the first episode.


People died. They just kept dying and just when you thought it was safe to let your guard down more people die. Don’t read on unless you watch the episode.

R.I.P Dan, your last punch was brilliant you magnificent foreign stallion.

R.I.P Commander guy, your forgot the angsty kids birthday, bad move.

R.I.P Gai, your death was cliché but inevitable, I think you died and if your not dead sorry.


So now that the action is over I am 100% sure Shu is going to whine a lot more in the next episode about how it was all his fault and then he will be forced to take over the terrorist. Reminds me a bit of Gurren Lagann. I hope the rest of the episodes can be half as good as this one.


Here is a guess, New villain is evil Shu from another time period, take that plot holes I filled you with random speculation.



  1. Dan! Why is it Dan to die and not Shu?! (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻

    Next episode is going to be so damn angsty…:(

    • Next episode is going to be 70% angst. 20% motivational speeches and 10% funerals.

      • So true…I wonder who’ll come at Gai’s funeral…:D

      • Attendance numbers will probably be in the single digits. Thats sad when I think about it.

  2. I so hope that Gai didn’t die.. 😐 But its seriously the BEST episode of this entire show. And I love the ending. Its not all wrapped up happy. And just who is this new void extractor. What is he/she planning?

    • Gai could be alive but him being dead will help Shu grow into a man.

      New void user has piqued my interest, isn’t it funny how anime characters can look male and yet have female characteristic or visa versa. I’m not sure if the void user was male or female.

      • Yes. Manly Shu. That would be awesome.
        Im leaning on male but im also not sure.
        This episode is like a early Christmas present from I.G.
        And don’t we all miss Dan, the American hero.

      • It’s not often we get good American characters in anime. He didn’t last too long which is a shame.

  3. Looks like Gai is dead.
    I think now everything is more about Shu, since there is no more Gai.
    Shu is a bit alright in this episode. Hopefully he doesn’t become a coward again, in the next few episode.

    • Shu will probably have a relapse into cowardice for an episode or two until he is forced to rally the Funeral Parlour and make a plan to save Inori.

  4. Yes exactly what will happen! Now, time to over analyze this new villain! XD

    • I bet the new villian is just evil for the sake of being evil what i’m interested in is Daryl. I have this feeling he could join the Funeral Parlour in the next few episodes.

  5. dood, does anybody know when the next episode will come? I mean Shu was cool and all hope Gai would’nt die but I csn’t w8t for the next episode

    • I presume the next episode will be next week. The only anime that I know is having a season break is Fate Zero

  6. yeah just finished Fate Zero awhile ago and looked like a cliffhanger so we have to watch the next season.
    Thank God Guilty Crown won’t be the same……i hope

    • Cliffhangers suck, since Guilty Crown is ongoing we won’t have to wait long if there is a cliff hanger at some point which is a good thing.

  7. yeah maybe it’s a good thing but the only thing that matters know is when does this series end?
    where are all the fights and the awesomeness!>….I just cant w8t…dood

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