Posted by: AceRailgun | December 23, 2011

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 12 Final

Again with the endings that don’t actually end anything. This is fast becoming a trend which is very unsatisfying. Sure I could go read the light novel but I can’t really be bothered. 

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai was a great anime, although the story wasn’t complex the characters and comedy were close to perfect. Well some of the characters anyway. Unlike a lot of anime similar to this I think I might actually remeber the characters name for more then a month after it finished. Yukimaru and Sena’s names and will probably stick with me but I have a feeling the a year from now I won’t remember Kodaka, Yozora or Rika’s names.


The entire first half of the last episode was the retelling of the first episode from Yozora’s  prespective. Now i’m not saying it was bad to do that but it certainly didn’t need to take half an episode to recap. Yozora denied Kodaka the use of there old nicknames which although seems like a shallow conversation is actually pretty deep. By not letting him use her old nickname she was pretty much saying they aren’t close friends yet. Even though she obviously loves him she has trust issues which stop her from getting closer to him.


Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is a good example of a brainless comedy which requires next to no though on the viewers behalf and that is why it has reach 65/145 on my top anime list. That’s not overly high but it is one of the highest of it genre so thats something to think about if you are considering watching this or finishing it. There is the possibility of a second season much like C3 but nothing has been announced at this point. But don’t fret because there is about 10 new comedy anime starting in the Winter season and I’m sure some of those will be filled with fan service.



  1. Truly, i liked this show. I guess I’ll have to go check out the manga.
    Yozora and Kodaka are adorable together. (Don’t mind my fangirl mind) I wonder who will Kodaka end up with.. Sena or Yozora..
    But the biggest mystery is what gender is Yukimura. Girl.. Boy!? Im still confused.

    • I couldn’t stand not knowing if Yukimaru was male or female so I looked it up on google. I thought it would be a bit weird for me to be constantly fawning over a gender ambiguous character.
      Yozora and Kodaka seem to be the ‘canon’ couple. I presume they will get together if the light novel or manga ever ends. I think those two are my favourite couple from the series too.

      • I think Yukimura is a girl. Gender confused. Because no girl like boy in ANY other anime acts or can pull of a maid dress THIS good. Im sure s/he a girl.. I think..

        Yeah. But I still wonder About Sena x Kodaka. Cause Sena IS my favorite character. (No, not because of her breasts..)
        Haganai WAS better than I expected. I thought it would mainly be a sense-less comedy but it turns out, its better. And I don’t usually pull out a manga from an anime series just like that.
        Though, I can smell a 2nd season.

      • I love how certain you are about Yukimaru’s gender. True no guy would be able to pull off a maids outfit that well either.

        It would be a bit weird for you to like Sena for her breasts. 😛 They are two of her character traits but I think she is a bit more complex then that. I started Haganai expecting it to be rubbish but I soon discovered it was more then that, not much more, but a bit.

        I say bring on season 2.

  2. Because , if they make any sort of definite ending , they’ll have to do an entirely anime original plot. Considering that most animes tend to make a mess of things when they diverge from the source materials , I’m glad that they did not chose to go down that route, and instead lay the ground-work for a second season. This episode really has the “Sequel” feel to it , to be honest , not surprising , since it covers the opening chapters of an entire new Light Novel Volume.

    Unless you want Gecko endings , don’t expect Light Novel Adaptations of One Cour Length to end with a definite conclusion. You can’t in one cour, and if you try , you’ll end up with an Angel Beats Train-wreck , or a conclusion that makes it very hard to create a second season , if one is forthcoming.

    If Hagani was two cour or three cours , or even an anime original, I’d say you have a valid point. With 12 episodes , and considering that is an adaptation of a still ongoing light novel , I don’t agree with your point . The anime adapts from the Light Novels , deviations of which are nothing more than roads to a Gecko Ending, unless your anime scriptwriter was THAT good.

    This trend is a product of the Light Novel Adaptation , and One Cour Anime Season length phenomena combined together. Expect such combinations to produce such endings . When you hear Light novel , and One Cour , I don’t think you are going to get the type of ending you are looking for….

    • I can agree with most of that but the simple point I’m trying to make is that this season has ‘ended’ without an ending. Considering it from your point of view I’m sure you can be very satisfied with this. I however like to have some kind of conclusion whether it be an arc ending or something unique happening which ends something, or at least some kind of indication that another season is bound to happen. The same thing happened with C3 the other day and I want to know more but I can’t.

      I guess i’m doomed to finding the source material and reading that although the last time I tried to do that (Toaru Majutsu no Index) I became bored very quickly as it is not the same experience as anime.

  3. There are good light novels , and there are bad ones. You don’t give up on the concept of fiction entirely just because a work doesn’t seat well with you right? Give it a try . Perhaps things might be different this time round.

    And actually , “Sora” is meant to be an Arc ending. You just saw the beginnings of a new story arc…. which is why I asserted that this would have been a very good First Episode of a Second Season. Though I do agree it’s not that appropriate for a final episode….

    If Hagani was two Cour , I think they could work out a better place to stop. Honestly though , they should have stopped at Sora and Taka , and leave it on that cliffhanger. That’s my opinion. As it is , the ending feels like the ending of a First Episode Sequel , not a final episode conclusion.

    • Agreed. The last episode would have made a great first episode to a second season. If they do another season it’s probably going to have a very similar episode at the start of it.

      Ending on a cliff hanger would have been a good idea but it would make it impossible to finish with just one season. It would be too cruel if they made a cliff hanger episode without the guarantee of a sequel.

  4. i understand that they’re trying to leave room for a sequel, but dangit…it makes me so annoyed to see endings like this

    • Totally totally agree. They need to decide if they are or aren’t going to make more soon. Otherwise i’m going to read the light novel.


    There’s actually a nice summary of the light novels on another blog till volume 6(equivalent to another 1 cour worth of material). The Fan translations themselves are not complete yet, there are chapters here and there which are not yet fully translated.

    • Hey thanks, I’ll give it a look through 🙂

  6. Where is my Sena X Kobato ending?! Where?! >_<

    • LOL, Maybe there will be an OVA with the dvd’s or manga. I would watch that 🙂

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