Posted by: AceRailgun | December 22, 2011

Online Anime and Manga Community

So I’ve been around for since the end September this year and I think that i’ve punctured the anime community in some way or another.

I made a twitter, google+ as well as a MAL and a few other random accounts on other websites that all share the same username but I still feel like i’m missing something glorious.

I’ve heard of people using skype or similar chat to watch anime together online and that sounds like a killer idea. I’ve got a skype account set up but i’m currently a massive noob with it.  Thing is i’m not sure how people go about this at all. Is there communities for this kind of thing or is it just amongst close friends.

So the question is does anyone actually do this regularly, done it once before or is interested in trying this. I’ll talk chat to anyone online even if it’s your first time.

Also if you have twitter and i’m not following you yet give me a heads up and i’ll add you.


  1. I only do it with close friends (by which I mean two), because that’s all I really talk to on Skype.

    Username is the SomewhatMystia, if you feel like adding me!

    • I occasionally steam chat with one of my rl friends on steam about anime but most of the time I am up to date and he isn’t so it really limits what we can talk about concerning new anime.

      When I get back from holidays. (Jan 6th) i’ll add you.

      • Righto, then. Have a nice holiday, man, you deserve it.

  2. I believe Scamp (thecartdriver) is one of the skype anime-watchers… he was invited to join that project, though

    I’m not sure how they go about this either, but maybe you want to organize a little group for that yourself? Or you can opt to join of those existing ones… I’m not familiar with them, tho

    • I’ll have to look into it. If the need arises I may try to start a group for it. Having a group with smaller anime blogger like myself may be a good way not to scare people off. I’ll watch anime and chat about it with anyone even if they don’t blog.

      If you know anyone who may be interested give them the heads up me and tell them I might start something big. 🙂

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