Posted by: AceRailgun | December 22, 2011

How western animation, anime, and pop culture has effected me creatively

I have recently graduated from a three year coarse at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and am now at that stage of my life where I am suppose to pick a career and get a full time job to support myself financially. 


I have done none of those things, don’t get me wrong I do have a job which can I can easily support myself with and my crippling need for piles of anime merchandise. But I haven’t picked a career yet, sure I’ve finished University grade study and should logically be getting a job in animation (3d) or somewhere in the information technology field.


But the sad thing is that by doing a University coarse which would most likely put me on the fast track to a creative career which is something I really want I realise that getting into the animation career is going to suck all the creativity out of me within five years. In 90% of animation jobs you are actually creating something based on someone elses creative ideas and out of those 90% over half you get no creavtive freedom at all and must follow the strict guidlines of the client.


This is where my interest in writing come in. In the distant past I’ve written a little for school and even won a few small awards but I never took it anywhere and certainly never considered it a career. I think I gained more knowledge about computer software, creative decisions and story telling then actual animation skills from my University coarse and I can put those skills to use in novel writing and my hobby at the moment which is blogging.


Currently I am working on a novel which has been a huge boast for me creatively and is very enjoyable. I think i’ll just keep my current job and work on the novel approximately 10-20hrs a week until it is complete.


The option of digital publishing has crossed my mind a few times and I think it would be an easier way for an unknown novelist to establish themselves as a writer.


So you might be thinking how anime fits into this and to be honest is very simple. When I watch anime nowadays I analyse it too much, I pull apart the story in my head and I start to imagine how the character will react if certain things were to happen. The biggest thing is that I appreciate good story telling more and despise the bad stuff. But in the case of the bad stuff I am constantly thinking of why it is bad and trying not to incorporate those elements into my own creative writing.


So the ultimate point of this, be inspired, do something creative, maybe write a novel…. Or not because it takes a really long time.


  1. I would keep writing it. Writing a novel is fun. I’m writing one too.

    • What sort of novel are you writing? I’m curious as to how similar/different it is to mine. I don’t actually know anyone else writing at the moment.

      • I’m writing a fantasy/ mystery type book.

  2. Seconding this post. I’ve always written throughout my life, but for most of it, it seemed like an afterthought. It was only after I finished my first NaNoWriMo three years ago that writing was always like air to me. I can’t be without it. I’ve been blogging for so many years now, and I have THREE manuscripts that need editing and re-writing, but I can’t seem to go back to them because I simply have to write more.

    The more you write, the more you’ll notice that your media biases (favourite storytelling elements and tropes) and tastes will influence not only the way you write, but the content that you write as well. I wish you luck with your project, and the only message I can leave you with is to simply continue writing, and just keep at it until you become comfortable with it. Writing will be nothing to you, but it will mean so much more than what it is.

    • I think if someone was to take writing away from me at this point I would be very upset, blog writing and novel writing to me feel completely different but both are important to me as a writer.

      When I write for my blog I produce content at a much faster rate and although I hate to admit it the content isn’t always perfectly edited. However when I am novel writing I always find myself going back and editing a lot, I enjoy the editing process almost as much as the writing process so I don’t think I will have trouble getting my work to a standard good enough to publish when it’s done.

      At this rate you will have piles of manuscripts, I hope you catch the editing bug and can get them to a level you are happy with.

  3. Good luck with your book. It takes a great deal of time to write a full-length novel, and drastically longer (for most people) to become competent at the craft in general. It’s a fun hobby to have though, and a good way to pass the time for the creative-minded.
    The types of stories you enjoy will certainly affect what you write, and I personally think anime is a source for many unique ideas and storytelling elements. Be sure to take some time to figure out why it is you enjoy the stories you like, and what it is you don’t like about the stories that disappoint you.

    • Thanks, I remember when I was writing the anime and game recommendation pages I was really digging deep into the reason to why I liked the anime I was recommending. It sure was interesting to over analyse them in that fashion. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve used anime as inspiration of my novel.

      It took me over five years of writing little things before I realised I had the ability to write a full novel.

      I checked out your blog too. It’s cool.

  4. Oh! Another Aussie blogger! I know I am avoiding every other sentence in the post but good to see more Aussies blogging about anime 🙂

    • LOL, I found Kiddtic the other day and now you’ve found me. It seems like Australian anime bloggers are popping up all over the place.

  5. You’re currently in the same situation a friend of mine is. He studied a course that involves politics…if I remember correctly but after graduating, he hasn’t really been lucky in the job dept. Now he’s, like you, writing a novel. Weirdsville. Anywho, being creative is becoming more and more difficult as time progresses because so many ideas have already been done and it seems the public demand (internet smart marks aside) is for the same old same old rather than something new. Then again, as far as I’m concerned, 2011 has been a pretty good year for anime, for better or worse.

    • I defiantly agree that 2011 was good for anime. A lot of things did share similarities to older anime but at the same time they did enough new things to keep it fresh and interesting.

      i don’t like to boast too much but I feel the novel I am currently writing (Artificial Angel) has enough new stuff to be unique but at the same time stick to some familiar stuff that people can relate too. Unlike some people that start writing to channel their creativity I started writing with the end goal of creating something that could sell. Although I will admit writing is the perfect outlet for my creative urges.

      • I wish you the best of luck with your novel good sir. May it sell at least 10000 copies in the 1st week, or 1st day.

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