Posted by: AceRailgun | December 19, 2011

C³ Episode 12 Final

That’s it no more Fear no more fetish outfits and no more of that protagonist who’s name will be swiftly forgotten. It wasn’t bad it, it wasn’t good it was standard.

The anime started on a high note with the introduction of Fear and the establishment of magic and curses, it hooked me in as I was only going to give it two episodes before I dropped because I wasn’t expecting  much from it.


There was some really enjoyable parts to the series and it worth mentioning some of the characters were very unique and interesting, Fear and Kirika were probably my favourites. Fear had that completely clueless charm about her and Kirika was just full of surprises and was dressed in one too.


Episode 12 ended flatly with no villains being defeated no love interest being picked by the protagonist and no curses being lifted. That is the one flaw of adapting a light novel that is ongoing.

In the final fight the princess manages to save herself and her doll in spectacular fashion by inflicting self harm. It was strange because the three girls were ten steps from him and could have just cut the bindings for him without any trouble.


If there was to be a second season I would watch it but probably not blog about it. Some things aren’t deep enough to write about every week.

I guess it’s to the point when I give it a score out of ten. I won’t do that but I will give you a recommendation and some other stuff as a bonus.

If you liked Dragon Crisis, Yumekui Merry or Kore wa Zombie Desu ka then you will probably enjoy this anime, if not steer clear as it’s not really that good. You could spend your time watching something higher on your to do list.

C³ CubexCursedxCurious is now on my top anime list 105/144. Not so good.


R.I.P Chibi Mummy you existed for no reason but to explain the first villain who’s name eludes me.



  1. Now all we need is a second season to continue the storyline…*_*

    Don’t remind me of Chibi Mummy Maker. It was so sad to see her die…I want her back…:(

    • I want Chibi Mummy back too but I guess that’s not going to happen. The one thing I did like about this series was how constantly new cute girls got introduced. Another season seems likely and that will bring legions of cute new girls with it.

      • but…mummy maker….:(

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