Posted by: AceRailgun | December 18, 2011

Site Mascot – Cassie – Artwork Round 1

So feeling that I need something to call my own in the blogging world I descided to create a site mascot. Site mascots in themselves aren’t that rare in and around the anime blogging community but I’ve noticed that over half of them aren’t original characters and are instead anime characters from either popular anime or really obscure anime. Now I am a big fan of bloggers using a characrter as an identity and it really helps me remember who is who especially in the beginning.

Here is a few example of a few mascot characters being used around the web that I know about. It is a bit of a shameless shout out but who cares.

Kyubey and Homura – Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Mystia Lorelei – Touhou

Tooru – A-Channel

Lelouch Lamperouge – Code Geass

You all know who you are.


I recommend anyone who is blogging or posting a lot on blogs to try using one character as an identity. It is a simple way for people to identify you from the legions of users online. Sure you can mix it up from time to time but don’t do that too often. The added perk is that it can subconsiously tell someone your personallity and interests. For example someone with Naruto as an avatar would be treated differently to someone with say Light Yagami or Lelouch Lamperouge as an avatar.


I myself am, and still will be using Tiger from Tiger & Bunny as a mascot but now he has a partner in crime and that partner is Cassie an original character I have created. She is a character from a novel I am writing currently which is about 1/3 finished. Give me 6 months and i’ll be finished.

I surfed around Deviant art for the better part of a week and learned a few life lessons as well as discovering some talented artists which I commissioned for artwork.


On the plus side of my expedition into the artistic corners of the internet I discovered some great artists which weren’t accepting commissions. I then looked a little hard and discovered some even better artists which were accepting commissions and were friendly and easy to deal with. So below is some of the artwork I commissioned please respect the artists work and copyright etc etc.

Full Version

Site banner Full Version

The artist of this piece and the site banner is BokuRac. Check out BokuRac’s page.


Full version

The artist of this piece is Ririkuto. Check out Ririkuto’s page


Full Version and bonus Chibi Version

The artist of this piece is Yunare. Check out Yunare’s page.


So that pretty much ends the introduction of Cassie and the first round of artwork. There should be another round of artwork in about a week or two depending on how quickly the artists can finish. For all the Cassie pictures and details just check out the site mascot page.


Anyone curious about the novel should send me an email at Acerailgun [at] gmail [dot] com or leave a comment below. I am more then happy to let people read it and you could learn some more about the mascot too.


  1. Beautiful artwork there – I’m considering commissioning something for this type of use, but I also like the simplicity of our current icon.

    • It’s definently worth it. I was so happy with how the artwork turned out I just commissioned a bunch more.

      The current icon you are using is nice and simplistic which gives it a classy appeal. You could always commission one picture and use it in your sidebar. You have a lot of free space there 🙂

  2. Novel you say? I do want to read, since I am interested in this mascot and the reason for the look she has. Do send it to me when you get the chance. I was thinking of having my girlfriend design one for me, since she is a good artist, but Shana and Misaka are good enough for time being – even if they are slightly overused.

    • There is nothing wrong with Misaka and Shana. So what if they are over used.

      I was thinking about getting a character designed for months and when I finally did I was so happy wit the results I got. I’d like to see what your girlfriend could come up with. I can email you some of the story if you like. It’s only partially edited at this stage and only about 1/3 complete so it’s not finished 😛 Approx 20,000 words or so.

      • I become too attached to them to use another one, but think my girlfriend and friend might can come up with something depending if they feel up to it. Actually, think I may ask them soon and some people I know – after I think of a design. And sure, I will be glad to read it (give me a chance to use my rooted nook on something other than manga and other ebooks).

      • Thinking of character designs is the easy part for me. I’ve got ideas for 3 or 4 more novels already so if I have even a tiny bit of success with this one I will probably write more.

        If you ever do design a character I’d like to see it. As of late I’m a bit of a sucker for original characters.

  3. Personally, I never considered getting any real mascot. I just use the Naota picture everywhere, and that’s less because of the series and more because the avatar stood out for me (my previous one was of Kenshin). I do think it sticks in people’s minds, though.

    I hope you’ll forgive me if I call that girl’s arm “automail”. She does indeed look unique.

    • Well it is mechanical so I forgive you 🙂
      I only got the idea recently to actually make the character into a mascot. I’d had her in my head for over a year and have she stars in the novel I started 2 months ago.

      I’ve seen your Naota picture everywhere and that automatic makes me realise it is you. If someone juggles multiple user names and avatar images it’s actually hurting them in the long run. That’s just my opinion though.

  4. Can I take her home?! Can I?! Can I?! Please!!! 😦

    • I don’t know about taking her home but you can visit her right here whenever you want.:)

      Although if she did go home with you she would probably end up as another one of your magic girls.

      • And what’s the problem with that?! 😛

      • Oh Kyubey you you’re such a prankster. Besides Cassie can already fly so she doesn’t need to be a magic girl. Then again she might want her arm back, I’d better keep an eye on her whenever you are around. 😛

  5. awesome stuff dude. it’s good to have something to call your own 🙂

    • Thanks man, I knew it was a good idea to get this art drawn. 🙂

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