Posted by: AceRailgun | December 18, 2011

Fate Zero Episode 12

So there is one episode left of the first season which may very well end on cliffhanger. Don’t get your hopes up though because this episode was all talk and fate zero action.

So Irisviel and Saber journey out to their new lair in the middle of nowhere for some intense chatting. Saber finds Irisviel actions to be suspitious and it is revealed that Irisviel is hiding a secret which renders her more useless then before. Her grip is weak and her healing abilities don’t seem to be able to fix it. Saber will probably have it hard from this point trying to aid Irisviel in her magic endeavors and protect her from any other servants.

It also seems that a few of the masters have decided that letting Kariya live until the end will be beneficial so it looks like Beserker will be around until the last few episodes. Assassin seems to have been wiped out entirely by Rider in the last episode which puts Kirei into an awkward position concerning the war.

Emiya’s talk about tactics was probably the highlight of the episode for me but it felt strangely like a recap scene. That scene could have been used to refresh everyone’s minds at the start of  next season which is three months from now. I’m looking forward to the last episode and suspect something bad is going to happen to Irisviel and Saber to end the season.


  1. loved the “all talk and /fate/ zero action.”. 😀

    ANyway yes, I hope they’ll finally start to make some of these heroes die…:|

    • As bad as that sounds to say I hope they start dying too. I can only imagine how epic it will be when the last two or three face off.

  2. well although it had no action it doesn’t feel like the episode was wasted. according to me highlight was the talk between archer and kirei and especially that board in which archer’s master was down. Seems like archer has a plan. guess u haven’t watched FSN that house is the one in which emiya will live later on.

    • I watched FSN a long time ago and didn’t enjoy it that much. Fate Zero is a much better series. I didn’t realise that house is the one from FSN.

      The discussion between Archer and Kirei was interesting to say the least. Archer is definitely up to something and I’m curious as to what it could be.

  3. I kind of want a Holy Grail War chess set now, though I can’t imagine how it woul all work. But anyway, as cool as watching Kiritsugu go over his preparations and the various factors of the war was, I think Kirei and Archer’s talk kind of overshadowed it. Just like the last one there were little pieces of symbolism towards it (Archer planting an idea in Kirei last time, and this time he subtly brought up backstabbing Tokiomi), and aside from that it marks another point on Kirei’s path to becoming who he is in FSN. It’s only a matter of time before he falls into manipulating things in the war for his own amusement.

    Also Irisviel’s current state is due to her being the Grail’s vessel, with Assassin dead his energy has pooled into her. The same thing happened with Ilya in Fate/Stay Night, though for a number of reasons I think it was only highlighted in the Fate route (what the anime covered) after Berserker died.

    Aside from that the it looks like we’ll be getting a cliffhanger ending, it’s going to be a long three months.

    • That would be one killer custom chess set with super complex rules.

      Archers conversation with Kirei was certainly something. I can only imagine what he is up to and how one conversation could totally change the outcome of the war.

      I hope the cliffhanger isn’t too huge or I might not last three months. That being said I hope there is a at least some sort of cliffhanger to keep me interested.

      • Too huge might be an understatement, with only one episode left I can see it going from fun hijinks between Waver and Rider and ending at the beginning of the climactic epic battle with nearly everyone against Caster.

        I’m actually kind of hoping that they can wrap it up by spending half the episode on it, that way they have a clean start for the next cour, and it would be kind of fitting considering the opening theme. But there’s a bit too much for them to do that.

        And I agree with that as well, their conversations are probably the most decisive moments in the entire show. Without them the course that it would take would be completely different.

  4. We need more action, seriously…and Caster needs to die on the next episode.

    • Your not the only one that wants to see Caster dead, if that doesn’t happen next episode i’ll be very sad.

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