Posted by: AceRailgun | December 16, 2011

Guilty Crown Episode 10

Is Guilty Crown good, No. Is Guilty Crown bad then, No. I have no idea if I like this anime anymore. Shu has become more frustrating but the evil plan which Segai set in action is awesome enough for me to want to keep watching more.So Shu ups the annoying level this episode and alienates himself from everyone within half an episode. I could go on but I really don’t want to talk about Shu anymore as it makes me sad.

The cool part of the series for me at least is this christmas business and the end of the world virus thing. I’m not sure how people become immune to this but it seems to strike randomly and inflict only characters which aren’t part of the cast. I was almost expecting Hare to become infected and possible die right at the end of the episode which could be Shu’s turning point into macho manlyness. That didn’t happen but Gai seems to be coming down with a minor case of the apocalypse virus and his closest friends will discover in the coming episode which should lead to some interesting  conversation.

It doesn’t seem possible to have anymore normal school day episodes after the events of this episode which is a good sign for more interesting stories and maybe a terrorist mission which will last longer then five minutes.

Not really sure what to expect from here on out but i’m still looking forward to it despite all my mixed feelings.


  1. Why Gai?! Why did you save Shu?! Just kill him already please!

    • I hate to say it but i think Shu will be around for a while longer yet.

  2. Aren’t you being a little hard on Shu? The poor kid is showing symptoms of PSTD and has no real way to recover from it. He’s always had anxiety issues and social ineptitude and doesn’t have a support network or anything to fall back on when he has panic attacks. And the last remaining family member alive, his mom, only sees him once a week and hardly ever helps him when he needs it the most. His situation couldn’t be worse.

    Now this doesn’t excuse him for making plenty of mistakes and bring on some of the trouble himself but he’s just a teenager who, merely two weeks ago, was just going to school with his friends and making videos for his club. He doesn’t have the psyche or the mentality of a leader or a hero, even though that’s what he wants to become, so he’s struggled with these situations while others thrive. I can’t help but feel sorry for the poor kid and all he’s gone through.

    Also, if there are no more school episodes in Guilty Crown, I’ll get the champagne ready.

    • I would never treat a real person in the manner I treat Shu just thought i’d get that out there. 🙂 I may be a little harsh but the cruel reality is that he is simply fictional and could have been written to be slightly more appealing. Although his growth as a person is inevitable it is taking longer then most anime heroes and I think that is what is making me become frustrated. I know someone in real life with social anxiety and she shares similar traits to Shu but keeps it a lot more personal unlike Shu who openly broadcasts it to the world. Shu’s friends in the anime have put up with him to a degree but I can understand them becoming frustrated with him. Especially Ayase she has done nothing but support him and he just isn’t responding properly to her.

      Good chat. 🙂 great vent.

      • That’s true, Shu is certainly a bit slower than the average hero and not the most appealing one either but I wonder if he was intentionally designed that way for his role in the story. Perhaps the way he visibly vents his anxiety, besides being an easier way than showing it bottled up inside him, is so that he becomes isolated and must regain everything he’s lost, kinda like how heroes reach their lowest point before getting to their zenith. I can’t say I have all the answers about Shu’s character but I think the creators want him to be like this, even if that makes him frustrating or stupid or hated by everyone.

      • It’s most likely intentional that Shu was writen this way and I bet that he starts his rebound in the next two or three episodes. I just can’t help but compare him to Simon from Gurren Lagann. He was the same type of character but rebounded so much fast and wasn’t as annoying before the rebound.

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