Posted by: AceRailgun | December 16, 2011

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 11

It was bound to happen sooner or later, a yukata episode. Yozora notices a festival is being set up but is too stupid to realise it is an oppotunity to socailise and make friends. Luckily for her Kodaka is on the ball and knows how to arrange a group outing. So the group goes to the festival to eat takoyaki.

So skip to 4:30. Did you notice the reference to Ore No Imouto in that scene. I love shout out stuff like this for some reason and these lighthearted comedy anime seem to do it often.

Peer pressure and secret love play a huge factor in Yozora and Rika’s choice to tag along to the festival. Although Yozora doesn’t follow the trend the rest of the group sets and goes without a yukata. She does participate in many of the festivals and although it seemed like she was only playing the festival games as a compitition with Sena you could tell she was having fun. It was some good character development for Yozora this time around and she came across as less rude even though she was disrupting the entire crowd at festival with Sena.

The scene with the fireworks was a nice touch and burning Yozora’s hair was a good way to make her cut it. I pieced together the last scene in my head moments before it happened. Did anyone else guess the outcome as soon as Yozora’s hair went up in flames?

I presume this is different from the light novels now as they wouldn’t reveal Yozora’s identity as Sora so early.


  1. They do reveal it that early actually. It’s a trigger , or flag if you will for more plot and character developments.
    It’s a feel-good episode in my opinion , and accomplished that at least.

    • It was a pretty good episode I give it that.Everything feels like its falling into place.

  2. Well, not sure about the light novel, but its nice to give some kind of closure to the series…:)

    • Yeah its obviously going to end unlike some of the 12 episode shows that doesn’t end properly. Bunny Drop for example.

  3. I’m very surprised to how beautiful Rika is when she let her hair down.
    I’m loving this anime but it seems it is coming to an end.
    Hopefully there will be a 2nd season. I think it would be incomplete to not have one…

    • A few things this season feel like they could easily continue for another season. I’d love to see another season of Boku wa and i’m certain a lot of other fans would too.

      Boku wa is one of the mindless harem/comedy show this season I am really enjoying.

      Rika did look stunning with her hair down. 🙂

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