Posted by: AceRailgun | December 15, 2011

Cardcaptor Sakura

So about this time of year for the last few years i’ve used some of my free time to start and finish a really long anime. This year it’s Cardcaptor Sakura last year it was Rurouni Kenshin and year before that was Bleach and One Piece. I’m eight episodes in to Cardcaptor Sakura and I can say I am pleasantly surprised. So if you had of told me three years ago i’d be watching something as childish and girly as Cardcaptor Sakura i’d probably have said it’s unlikely but it could happen. Then future me would come into the room and say that it’s not as childish and girly as you might think. Future me would then tell past me some lottery numbers and explain that is why he is wearing such a nice suit.

Cardcaptor may be considered a childrens show but it has plenty of mature elements and a good story which can easily keep an adult entertained. It also has this tame fan service type thing which results in Sakura being in a different magic girl costume every episode which is really cute. The characters as a whole are all very likable and fun to watch so that’s some points in the anime’s favor.

So I haven’t mentioned that this is an early work created by Clamp which is one of my favorite studios as they created Chobits, xxxHolic and Tsubasa. Both Sakura and Syaoran were cool characters in Tsubasa so it is nice to get to see there origins.

I have trouble comparing it to other anime’s even though it seems very stock standard. Just give it a try if you like the first episode the rest are more of the same but if you don’t like it then the rest are more of the same. I’ll probably have this anime finished around the beginning of February so don’t spoil the ending just yet.


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