Posted by: AceRailgun | December 13, 2011

Shinryaku!? Ika Musume Episode 10

I’m sad that squid girl will be coming to an end soon but then I was reminded that the English dub will be arriving in Australia in January so that means I can enjoy squid girl all over again. Provided the dub isn’t awful.

Snow squid is one of my favorite costumes so far.

So the first part was about meat. Not a very interesting idea I though they would cook some squid at some point but that never happened.

Second part was a bit better with the whole Goro and Chizuru situation being dived into some more. I’m not even sure why I like seeing this pair in action. Maybe it’s because I feel sorry for poor Gozo and his blinding love for Chizuru. He ends up in the hospital but at least Chizuru stays with him which is something I wasn’t expecting.

Third part was great. The three stooges always seem to come up with the best episodes and it’s usually because they invent something that isn’t part of everyday life. Building a snowman on the beach is mighty entertaining and then converting it into an igloo was a great idea. I thought poor Cindy was going to freeze to death and the part where she starts screaming hysterically made me laugh, that and squid girl nearly sleeping in the snow. Rookie mistake squid girl.

So probably only two more episodes until it’s all over. That will be a sad day in the name of anime comedy.

I haven’t forgotten Christmas is coming but I have no idea how to celebrate it blog style just yet. Lucky there is still time.


  1. I don’t know why, but this series is so hit or miss for me. Sometimes really funny, sometimes meh…:|

    • You are so absolutely right. It’s not very consistent and sometimes a whole story may be a miss which makes it very hard to blog about.

      The meat episode is a good example of a miss.

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