Posted by: AceRailgun | December 12, 2011

C³ Episode 11

So it was Alice all along. Kuroe isn’t a murderer so don’t worry all you loli lovers she is just a hair eating freak. Stupidity aside this episode was just a set up episode where the princess and her doll were captured and the three masculine heroes must save her from the big bad man. Or in this case a psycho woman.

It was good to finally see some of that organsiation that has been talked about but it was disappointing to see how boringly evil they were and how easily they get killed. Seriously if that guy died in that strangle overly explosive car accident then he doesn’t even deserve to be part of the cast. Although his invisibility power was cool and totally put Alice in her place. Alice didn’t even seem to care that Kirika had escaped which was a little strange.

Kuroe also picks up on Kirika obvious crush on Haruaki and pokes fun. Which is something I would do too.

Overall this anime hasn’t really done it for me these last few episodes and i’m hoping it will end on a good note next episode. I am praying that it doesn’t go super cliche and everyone lives happily ever after but that is probably what will happen.

Also Alice pulled a chibi mummy and hung from the ceiling outside the window. The evil characters have no idea how to look evil in this anime.



  1. Loli can’t be evil! This is the proof! 😛

    • Maybe so but they can still be very strange 😛

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