Posted by: AceRailgun | December 11, 2011

Fate Zero Episode 11

I like Fate Zero because I can spell the title without having to copy and paste it. Okay so that’s not the only reason I like it but it is one of the better ones. Before I watched this episode I just though Fate Zero was an alright anime overhyped by the legions of online anime fans. I can now say I feel exactly the same.

This episode was infinitely better then episode 10 and thats because it was an episode for everyone not just the fanboys. That and it had Rider in it. Fate Zero stopped taking itself so seriously this episode for the first part at least. Having the three kings sit around drinking was a nice change of pace. It also went from lighthearted comedy to the serious conversation and backstory without a sudden shift which I greatly appreciated as flow is very important. Saber’s backstory was pretty much what I expected but Rider’s was what I expected and so much more.

Taking the other kings to the desert and allowing them to watch his army dominate the group of assassin’s was amazing to watch and perfect story telling. My immersion was shattered however when Rider hops on his chariot and fudging flies to the bloody moon. Seriously way to ruin it. Couldn’t he just go out through the damn gate like how he entered.

Next episode will probably be wrapping up the season and i’m praying it doesn’t end on a huge cliffhanger.

Bonus post is also going to make it’s way out sometime in the next few days so keep an eye out for it. I will be introducing the new site mascot.


  1. Hahaha, but it was well established that his Chariot could fly. He flew into the middle of the Lancer and Saber battle. Well, I do admit it looked silly as heck.

    • It totally burst my bubble when I saw it. I remember it happening in the earlier battle but it just makes no sense and seems unnecessary.
      Still I will admit it was a damn good episode.

  2. We need Caster dead! Hope next episode will give us justice. 😛

    • This ^
      Would be a great ending to the first season btw.

      • God I hope so. Maybe Ryūnosuke too. That would be a good way to end it.

      • I’m betting for Ryuunosuke to get killed by Caster though…:P

      • I didn’t even consider that but it is a possibility. If anything it will be Lancer though. He needs to kill someone before getting wiped out.

  3. Wow this is like the most awesome noble phantasm in the Fate series. UBW sucks compared to this.

    • I doubt anything would be as awesome as summoning an entire army.

      It’s pretty neat that his army is made up of soldiers from different cultures too. it just proves how many people he united.

    • I totally agree!

    • Yeah, the Ionian Hetairoi is probably the most awesome NP in the entire series, the only ones that really rival it would be Archer’s iconic UBW and Zero Berserker’s Knight of Honour (anything he picks up can be used as his NP).

      Aside from that I’m not sure whether I liked Rider unveiling it or the character development that came in for all three of the kings more. With Rider’s views on living in excess, Archer starting to fall for Saber, and Saber herself being confronted with her own failings. Giving new viewers an idea of her struggle.

  4. I lolled at the part where Rider rode into the moon. It’s such a NARM scene.

    • It was pretty dumb hey. Still his earned my respect by showing us all that huge army.

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