Posted by: AceRailgun | December 10, 2011

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 10

Margret confirms at the start that things will only be getting more dangerous from here on out and it is a shock to see Igor’s reaction to this. He keep his cool either expecting Yu to be successful in his endeavors or he’s just not worried about the outcome whether it be good or bad.

Th velvet room is one of my favourite parts of the persona series. It’s always different but is always symbolic. In Persona 4 it is the limosine which symbolizes travelling and will eventually reach a destination. Whilst in Persona 3 it was an elevator which symbolised the heroes ascension to a greater level of understanding. I got a tingling feeling all over when that elevator reaches the top. I am curious as to what the velvet room will be in Persona 5.

So enough about that lets talk about Rise and Teddie and the double shadow attack. Chie, Yukiko and Yosuke are nothing but background in this battle. Kanji takes out a bunch of shadow with brute strength but then is completely useless against Rise and Teddie. Both Teddie and Rise overcome there shadows easily and accept there creepy other selves. Not much new from the game story wise but the atmosphere when Rise shadow was defeated and Teddies shadow ripped apart the entire strip club was commendable.

Looking forward to the next episode as there was a body hanging from another roof after the credits.


  1. I can only imagine what P5 has in store, but have feeling we might find out 2012-2013 since back in August it was confirmed for development.

    Everything is proceeding like I thought it would, expect thought they would probably have to tear Teddie a new, too. Guess the Star Arcana will develop like it does in the game akin to Death in P3.

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