Posted by: AceRailgun | December 9, 2011

Guilty Crown Episode 9

The apocalypse virus would certainly be the worst sickness you could ever get and it makes me glad anime is fictional. Gai and Inori are booted from the spotlight to let Shu shine in another episode based around his trust issues and girls who like him.

Staying true to the anime standard of not realizing the your hot classmate has a crush on you Shu turns down Hare’s invitation to go shopping with her an instead goes with Yahiro. Shu is asked by Yahiro to give him money to help care for his little brother but it turns out Shu has grown smarter in the last few episodes. Shu instead calls for the aid of the funeral Parlor and sets up a pick up. Unfortuantly Shu is unlucky and within five minutes of trying to help he gets the person he is trying to protect killed. Nice job there Shu.

So the void that Yahiro has is pretty neat. It ends life and sort of looks like a pair of scissors which can cut a persons imaginary lifeline. This void actually symbolizes Yahiro’s personality very well and is used to cut the unwanted dead weight which is holding him down in life. Even if Yahiro wanted to save his brother I get the feeling that his void symbolizes his subconscious feelings about his brother.

After the episode Shu is going to have to make an awkward phone call to Ayase. That phone call would probably go something like this.

“I may have accidentally killed the person I was trying to protect. You guys should probably just go home.”


  1. Ahahah, that call will be epic. They need to adapt it…:D

    • It could be like a dvd special. 😛

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