Posted by: AceRailgun | December 9, 2011

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 10

Another bikini episode…. I’m going to start this post with a list instead so then I can explain the bottom few characters in the list and why they are at the bottom of the list.

Favorite Female Characters

  1. Yukimura Kusunoki
  2. Sena Kashiwazaki
  3. Kobato Hasegawa
  4. Maria Takayama
  5. Yozora Mikazuki
  6. Rika Shiguma

Favourite Male Characters

  1. Kodaka Hasegawa

So that second list is a bit of a joke. Lets focus on the top list instead. So presuming that Yukimaru is female I declare her my favourite character mostly because she doesn’t annoy me or is really stupid. After putting that list together I realised that I don’t realy like the half the cast and without the top 3 I know I wouldn’t even be watching this show. It’s not body type or age that has descided the positions for me but personallity. Rika has the constant pervert thing going which reminds me of Kuroko from Index in a bad way as there only personality trait is pervertness. Not to say this can’t work for a character as Sanji from One Piece is similar but more developed which makes him come across as cool instead of obnoxiousness.

Yozora is also low on the list because as much as we are suppose to feel sorry for her whole forgotten past with Kodaka situation she just comes across as a bitch. I’ll admit she is funny at times but I just wish Kodaka would step in at some point and stop her insulting people before it gets out of hand and someone looses there shirt. Or bra in this episode.

Maria has her moments too but she doesn’t have much going for her except cute and stupid. I feel she could easily be fleshed out in half an episode with a half decent backstory.

Sena has big breasts. But that isn’ why I like her actually that is a point against her for me but I don’t to get into that. Sena is complex although it might not seem like it. She has the whole story where she seems popular but isn’t plus her looks intimiate anyone who tries to approach her. If anyone is going to make a friend outside the group it will most likely be Sena.

Yukimaru is mysterious and has that one question looming about he/she which is making so very confused. i admit I looked up the answer to the He/She question.

So aside from the usual nice guy routine Kodaka got no steps closer to dating one of the girls and I feel it will end without him ever picking one. I’ll have to read the manga once the anime finishes.

I’m curious to see everyone else’s character lists.



  1. Sena

    Sena is interesting , at least to me .

    Yukimura is actually one of the more semi-saner of the girls.

    Rika is epically hilarious. Her perversions might be either annoying , or down right cosmically. I chose comical

    Kobato is a mixed bag. Her vampire routine irks me though.

    Maria… is just naive. There’s a sense of unrealism to that.

    Yozora is a very vindictive and thoroughly unpleasant person. It could easily be very different of course , but irregardless of her back-story , her very personality completely turns me off.

    By the way , read the light novel translations. Hagani is based from a light novel series, not the manga. And trust me , from what is translated so far , there is no way that full-blown romance will occur by the finale – unless they chose to completely ignore the light-novel plot.

    Indeed , I don’t think you’ll find out Yukimura’s actual gender yet by the end of this season.

    • I always get my light novel/manga adaptions mixed up sorry about that. I’ll probably end up reading it at some point.

      We have pretty similar taste as far as the characters go. I’m not sure about Rika but I think that’s just because she takes one step over the creepy line nearly every episode.

      I guess I’m not the only one who dislikes Yozora. I think i’ll just stick with Yukimaru and Sena for now 🙂

  2. Favorite Female Characters

    1) Sena Kashiwazaki
    2) Kobato Hasegawa
    3) Yukimura Kusunoki
    4) Rika Shiguma
    5) Yozora Mikazuki
    6) Maria Takayama

    Here is mine! 😛

    • There isn’t much love for Yozora. Some main character she turned out to be. Why so much hate for Maria? Not that I really like her myself. 😛

  3. I hate Yozora although we share similar personality aspects (like being very vindictive towards people…2DT had an excellent post about this on his blog). The reason for the hate is her utter stupidity. She lacks logic. It’s one thing to be an asshole, but it’s another thing to be an asshole without a brain. If you’re going to give others grief, make sure you have the a mind that can comprehend things. I like Sena but I don’t love her. She can get annoying although my liking her has to do with being able to sympathize with her moar. Kobato is my favorite character. I find her to be adorable (some people love her for being a loli >.>). You can really tell she loves her brother but is just shy about it all. Rika is a nuisance; there’s a time and place for perverted female characters. Maria is annoying too–well her voice just irritates me. I’m on the fence with Yukimura…I mean she is a girl right? So…

    1) Kobato
    2) Sena
    3) Yukimura
    4) N/A
    5) N/A
    6) Rika, Maria, and Yozora are all equally bad

    • N/A is cheating 😛

      I find it hard to like a character just because of traits. Examples being Kobato for her loliness or Sena for her breastness.

      Sure I like those character but it’s more because they have interesting personalities and interact well with the group. I do like the way you described Kobato and I think that’s what makes her one of my favorites.

  4. Mine would be something like:

    1.) Kobato
    2.) Yukimura
    3.) Rika
    4.) Sena
    5.) Maria
    6.) Yozora

    Yozora’s spiteful behavior is just too annoying now. At first, it was entertaining, but now just unbearable. Maria, I do not really find her annoying and the same for Sena, just wish the breast emphasis would not be so pronounced.

    • Pretty much thinking the same things as you are. I totally agree with the Yozora thing. She was funny at first but is her spitefulness is getting a bit annoying now.

  5. Sena Kashiwazaki
    Rika Shiguma
    Yukimura Kusunoki
    Kobato Hasegawa
    Maria Takayama
    Yozora Mikazuki <<<< Hate this character the most lol

    I like how Yukimura wasn't scared at all when Yozora told the ghost story. She/He is awesome 🙂

    • So far everyone except me has put 5 and 6 as Maria and Yozora. Although they were my 4 and 5.

      Yukimaru is such a man even if he/she is actually a women. Nothing scares a samurai after all.

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