Posted by: AceRailgun | December 6, 2011

Shinryaku!? Ika Musume Episode 9

The first part about this episode which involved the fantasies of a drama loving little girl was probably my favorite episode this entire season. The comic timing was perfect and that little girl was brilliant. 

When she invited Ika into the park and performed those skits about the disfuctional family I was thinking two things. 1. Who is this nutjob  2. Why am I laughing at these obvious anime chiches about a textbook family. After a moment I realised that I was laughing because I was suppose to be laughing. The girl’s impression of the teenage delinquent was spot on and so obviously poking fun at what most anime take seriously (Beelzebub).

Just before the joke starts to become stale a new character is added to the fray or the little girl pulls something amazingly funny out of nowhere to keep the situation alive. Pregnacy and the crazy horses being some examples. The animation for the entire sacrifice scene with Ika jumping between her daughter and the horses was nicely animated and added to the humor of the scene.

Second part took two basic objects and made entire episode from them. Not many comedy anime could make jokes using only a book and a bag. It proves that if the characters are funny enough you don’t need complex props to drive the comedy.

Third part was a sad tale of an amusement park that only has a single ride. Another classic episode but not a whole lot to mention. It was funny to see the park was turning into a bunny cafe though. Perverted old men are so so common in anime now days.

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