Posted by: AceRailgun | December 5, 2011

C³ Episode 10

So we only have two episodes left after this to sort out the murder case. Is it Kuroe or is it Alice, It was implied at the end that it was Kuroe doing the murdering which is strange considering they are her loyal customers. If it wasn’t Alice then why the hell was she acting so suspicious. 

I’m putting the poorly explained murder case out of my mind and going to focus on Kirika. Turns out her fetish/immortality outfit is cursed in more ways then one. It enjoys snapping all her bones in an artistic fashion as part of it’s curse. If anyone else had this curse it would mean instant death but because Kirika has instant healing it just comes across as cruel. She invites Haruaki around to watch this brutal display and when he offers to take the curse as it won’t affect him she declines. Not really sure why you would turn down an offer that good but it’s her decsision. Once Haruaki leaves Kirika is shown blushing which is a clear sign that she has a crush on him. She better join the line behind Fear and Konoha.

Haruaki takes a leaf from kodaka’s book (Boku wa Tomodachi) and acts very mature in highly sexual situation. Two years ago the male lead would  get a blood nose and become very awkward. Now they just stand there with a blank expression. Are anime protagonists getting more mature?


  1. Glad he did not like the typical anime protagonist, since I feel like it would thrown off the mood, but maybe they are getting more mature. I mean Kirika is well, you get my point, lol. And did I miss something previous eps with Konaha? I reminder seeing a form of her like that, but was not aware that she had a pseudo transformation. Even the novel did not mention that, but I am still on this arc of it.

    • After the house falls down Konoha stands up looking like that before swiftly turning back into normal mode. I think it is the first time it’s happened so i stuck it as the episode picture this week. It wasn’t explained at all so I don’ know what the deal is. It was cool though.

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