Posted by: AceRailgun | December 4, 2011

Fate Zero Episode 10

So we are nearing the end of the first season of Fate Zero and instead of getting some epic fights we get an episode about a little girl with a compass chasing a man with a bracket. She is also saved by a man with bugs. Add in a full grown man making crystal ponies and you have yourself the material for an entire episode.

Okay so it wasn’t all bad I did really enjoy the characterisation of Tokiomi and it was good to see some more of Kariya and Ryūnosuke even though neither of there personas servants appeared. Tokiomi gives off the vibe of victory and I wouldn’t be suprised if he wins the war. Please don’t spoil me if you have read the novels. He kind of reminds me of Yuko from xxxHolic in the sense that he has control of complex magic in a world full of normal people.

Now lets talk about the loli. Not that I really need to say much as all the people who have read the novel know everything there is to know about her and love her to bits. To all the other people who are just watching the anime she is a cute little girl and that’s about it.  I feel like I might get shot for saying that but oh well i can probably take a bullet or two before it really starts to hurt. She is pretty brave and does save the day to some extent but I feel her victory was hollow as a lot of children are still getting taken by Caster and Ryūnosuke.

Next episode sounds like a conflict between Saber, Rider and one of the many gruff males who’s voice I couldn’t work out. Hopefully this leads up to some good action in the next 2 or 3 episodes depending on how many episodes this season is.


  1. You’re right, this episode I feel is closer to being a filler since nothing really happens in it. I still enjoyed getting more characterization for Tokiomi. However, I don’t think he’ll win the war since he feels like a better and stronger version of Archibald who will make the same mistakes eventually.

    • I still have my money on Waver and Rider winning because I know that would be awesome. Who do you think is going to win in the long run?

      • I think that the team that should be winning on paper is team Archer. This is because Tokiomi is a powerful mage with one of the most powerful servants. Not only that, but he is allied with Kirie and the assassins.

        It’s too soon to tell who’s going to win according to the events so far tho. I can tell you who is not going to win, though:

        Team Lancer, Team Berserker, and Team Caster are most definitely going to be eliminated.

        I also think that Team Rider will be eliminated. I think we will be seeing Rider do a noble sacrifice to save Waver’s life at one point.

        Team Archer will probably lose because Tokiomi will do something stupid exactly like Archibald (They’re of the same breed), and get killed. Archer has the independent action skill which enables him to survive longer. He’ll become Kirei’s servant then.

        All of this will probably build up to the final show down between Team Saber and Team Assassin.

      • That’s one hell of a prediction but it feels so well calculated I can do nothing but agree with it.
        I would hate to see Rider die but if it’s to save Waver then it is highly likely. There is no chance of Lancer, Caster and Berserker making it to the end.

        A showdown between Saber and Archer seems almost certain. If team Assassin played there cards right they could easily get the upper hand on Team Archer.

        I just want to see Rider take out at least one servant.

  2. I agree that this episode was disappointing. In the novel, Rin’s adventure is a short chapter and she doesn’t even meet Ryunosuke and the kidnapped children. I praise Ufotable for the flashbacks on Tokiomi’s relationship with his daughter because they showed that he was actually a good father outside the war. But the way they extended the story to fill 22 minutes was corny and unbelievable (Rin “wrestles” with Ryunosuke and manages to escape alive and save everyone? Yeah…)

    • I guess to make a full episode out of it they need some action to happen and Rin meeting Ryūnosuke leads to a battle.

      I don’t see how someone powerful enough to summon a servant would get beaten by a little girl. If Ryūnosuke was actually trying maybe he would have got to keep all his children and got Rin too.

  3. Yeah, you kind of had to be familiar with Stay Night to fully enjoy that part of the episode, when seen as the prequel that it is there’s just something nice about Zero having an episode based around one of the future heroines (that isn’t Saber). No matter how out of place it is. However, because she doesn’t really do anything in the Fourth War her appearances are more like fan service aimed at the older fans than anything else, the same could be said for the earlier segment between Ilya and Kiritsugu as well. Also that compass kind of feels like a plot hole, if she were to still have it her basic plan of patrolling Fuyuki with her Archer during the Fifth War may have actually gone somewhere.

    Looks like we’ll be getting a Mad Feast of Kings in the next episode which should be a lot of fun. Though it has me suspecting that this cour will end just as things are about to begin unless they rearrange some things, but since it’s been a while since I read the novel I’m not sure if they could.

    • I watched Stay Night a really long time ago and sort of remember Rin and Ilya but I would probably need to re-watch Stay Night again to full appreciate the scenes aimed at the fans.

      The fight between kings is a great way to end the season. I really just want to see Rider do some proper fighting.

      • At the very least we should see him show off one more of his Noble Phantasms, argurably the most awesome one introduced in Zero.

        And read it instead if you’re interested. Studio Deen did a decent job, but compared to the Visual Novel it’s pretty bad, the art is messy and the action scenes are lazy (close ups and action lines). And most of all they only covered one third of the story, as you also get the Unlimited Blade Works (Rin/Archer) and Heaven’s Feel (Sakura/Ilya) routes.

  4. Rin is just awesome.
    Lucky Rin Kariya was there to help.
    I wonder why Kariya have to has those bugs in his body -.-

    • Kariya seems to save a lot of little girls. His entire character seems to be based around saving little girls.

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