Posted by: AceRailgun | December 2, 2011

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 9

Okay I have played the game for this anime and Rise was introduced a lot differently. Instead of her being show dancing and doing Idol things you just hear about her on news and from people around school from Yu’s perspective. 

The new scene with Yu finding Rise’s phone and treating her as a person and not an idol helps bridge the gap to their eventual friendship. It also explains why she looks up to Yu but Yosuke because he acts like an uncontrolable child around her and just blurts out awkward things during conversation. Kanji also came across as very mature and i’d like to see how his relationships with the rest of the cast are treated. Will he evetually befriend Yosuke or will Yosuke be homophobic towards him forever.

On a side note the unique episode opening was a nice change and very appropriate and tasteful. It is nice to see a bit of Rise’s career as an idol without wasting an entire episode on it.

The relationship between Dojima and Yu also took an awkward turn this episode with Dojima discovering that Yu is messing around with the murder cases but he is also hanging out with Kanji. It is certainly something for Dojima to be worried about.

The take down was awesome too. Poor bucktooth otaku didn’t stand a chance.

Next episode is the opposite of Kanji’s episode so i’m really looking forward to it and so is Yosuke.



  1. Watching an army following that poor Otaku…:D

    Rie Kugimiya is quite nice in this new role. We need more non-loli roles for her…:|

    • I’m used to Rie Kugimiya being a blue cat in Fairy Tail so a hot idol is a huge difference. It works for her voice though so i’m not complaining. I played the game in English so all these voices are new to me.

  2. opposite of Kanji’s episode? that’s not a bad way to put it

    • Yeah I am looking forward to it. I’m most curious as to how they will fight 5 vs 1. Will Rise’s shadow get some backup or just be really strong I wonder.

      • Supreme Insight (the shadow ability to predict attacks) will probably be the nail in the coffin just like the game. Wonder how the “fighting” will be handled too. Strip pole shadow XD

      • Strip pole shadow haunts my nightmares. In the episode preview someone says there is five Rise’s so that’s one for everyone to fight. Supreme insight will be interesting to see in action.

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