Posted by: AceRailgun | December 2, 2011

Guilty Crown Episode 8

As common as a rising sun this week does another beach episode. But this time it has a twist and that there is a secret high tech base hidden under a shrine on the hill beside the beach. 

What impressed me this episode was the music. Not the usual dramatic stuff though, this time it was lighyhearted and random. It felt like they were trying something new and it worked. Well at least I liked it anyway. It was in the scene with the beach and the graveyard.

Speaking of graveyards Shu’s family situation is very generic and off the top of my head Eureka Seven’s Renton may as well be Shu. Both are wimps which must grow in order to save the world and confess to the beautiful but distant girl they spend 90% of there waking time with. Both there fathers are dead role models which had a lot of respect and died heroes. Okay the heroes part hasn’t been explained in Guilty Crown yet but we all know it’s true.

Everyone seemed to get stuck into Shu when he yelled out “Inori is mine” as if he owns her and the aftermath of that scene was funny. I also liked what Oogumo (Big guy) said to Shu about Inori. I hope that he gets his own episode because he deserves it more than Shu does.

None of the mech pilots friends showed up to his birthday and he cried like Shu would. So I guess all the teenage guys in this anime are massive crybabies.


  1. To be honest Shu said “Inori is my…”, but stopped halfway.

    Also it wasn’t Gai to cry, but the crazy madman mecha pilot. I do understand they were terribly similar in terms of face…:P

    • I guess you can blame my incorrect subs for that then 😛

      You’ve got to be kidding me that looked like Gai. I guess it make sense that the madman has no friends. Stupid lazy character designers.

  2. I wonder what type of role model Shu’s father was. He played an important role with the Apocalypse Virus, so maybe he’ll turn out to be a national hero. Then again, he has some connections with the GHQ (Haruka and Keido), so maybe he won’t turn out to be respected and honored by the people. Guess we’ll find out.

    • It could either way at this point. Gai didn’t really react badly to his tombstone so even if he was part of GHQ Gai doesn’t seem to care.

      I still find it interesting that Shu’s mother is working for the GHQ.

      • I really wish they’d expand on Haruka’s work besides being the fanservicy mom that she’s become recently. I don’t mind that she likes to relax at home but she’s around Keido a lot and was associated with the Void Genome that was stolen.

  3. More Haruka!!! 😀
    The episode is decent.
    More fanservice than the real story.
    I’m still wondering when the backstory of the girl who looks like Inori will start. I don’t think it will start, sooner or later -.-

    • There was like fanservice for everyone this episode. Underpants, bikini’s and maids.

      I hope the Inori look alike will be explained soon but i’m not holding my breath.

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