Posted by: AceRailgun | November 30, 2011

Winter Anime 2012

Quick roundup of what I plan to watch and blog next anime season. It’s Winter season anime but it’s  Summer soon in Australia and it’s so damn hot.

Detailed chart

Things that will be good


To me this looks like it will be sort of like Higurashi. It’s set in a school, it has a mysterious female character and its set in the past 1998 if I remember correctly. If done right this anime might end up in my top 30 as a love a good horror / mystery. Heres hoping it won’t turn out like Deadman Wonderland.


I loved Bakemonogatari. It was one of the first abstract anime I watched for lack of better word. It was fresh and different and really opened my eyes to what anime could do. Plus I love the music.

If Shaft can do one thing right its this anime. So lets all get excited for this and forget about some of the other anime coming out *cough* Mouretsu Pirates *cough*

Things that might be good


The Pv for this didn’t really give away much but it didn’t look bad. Animation looks alright and from the charts all over the net the plot sounds okay. My prediction is that it will be sort of like [C]: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control. It’s only a single episode thing not a full length anime and it comes out before everything else on the 10th December

Black Rock Shooter

Personally I think Black Rock Shooter is an average vocaloids song but it is supported by strong character design and the amazing artist Huke so it has something going for it. Not sure how a full series will turn out but if the movie that came out a while back is anything to go by it should be good. Plus it’s by noitaminA which is a good thing.

Kill Me Baby

An anime about a school girl and her classmate who is an assassin. It’s another comedy anime that is hard to judge before it starts. Pv was no help at all as it was just some chibi girls doing random stuff with no purpose.  Not much else to say as except I hope it’s good.

Things that might not be bad

Record to Randoseru

A story about a boy in a mans body and a women in a girls body. It’s hard to decide if a comedy will be good or not based of a description so i’m sticking this anime in a lower categories that way when it turns out good i’ll be able to say “Wow lucky me.” If it turns out bad however I can jump around yelling “I told you so.”

Inu x Boku SS

An anime about a girl and her butler. Not really sure what this will be like but I’ll watch the first episode or two and see if it’s worth watching through to the end.

Papa no lu koto o Kikinasi

A comedy anime about a 19 year old guy who for some reason or other ends up as the father of three school girls. When I read the first description of this I found myself thinking about Toradora (A good anime) but then I saw the picture and now I don’t. Hopefully this isn’t loli bait but that is a possibility.

Things that the planets would have to align for me to watch

Daily Lives of  High School Boys

 Really….. Sounds super original.


 This could turn out okay but there is a 99% it will be bad.

Brave 10

 There is always an anime like this every season and it is swiftly forgotten by most. The title and description don’t really sell it.

Mouretsu Pirates

This is why anime is shunned in western culture. The kind of anime the news will use to make people think Otaku’s are bad.

So there is a lot of stuff I haven’t mentioned such as sequels and OVA’s but I haven’t seen the first series of most of the sequels so I can’t say a lot about them. One day i’ll watch Natsume though. I will probably blog about Nisemonogatari, Another and Black Rock Shooter as well as the stuff that keeps going from the current season.


  1. Nisemonogatari and Zero no Tsukaima are must-watch for me, the rest…we’ll see…:P

    • I haven’t watched any of Zero no Tsukaima so it’s a bit late to join in now. Is it any good?

      • If you like fanservice and comedy driven stories yes! (like C^3 with battles, but without the gore? :P)
        Don’t expect mindblowing plot though…:P

    • i didn’t think it would have much of a plot 😛

  2. I feel pretty much the same way but I’m going to give Brave 10 a chance. I’ve been in the mood for a good samurai anime since Katanagatari ended and while I know it won’t touch that anime’s level of excellence, the art, animation and character design in the PV look promising and the few battle sequences looked enjoyable. Plus there’s blood which always helps in those types of shows. As for the rest, I think we’re pretty much the same.

    • Maybe i’ll give it a try. Otherwise i’ll only end up watching between 2 and 5 new anime next season and that half of what i picked up this season.

  3. is that hitagi!? she got a haircut wow. anyways, you and i have already discussed this topic a bit. season looks promising. i will be watching mouretsu pirates. c’mon western media, stereotype me as a deviant! haha but seriously, i enjoy this kind of stuff, and just because someone watches harem/fanservice/ecchi stuff doesn’t make them a perv.

    • Yeah there is people that enjoy those kind of anime. Usually I prefer my fan service with some plot or good character interaction but somehow I get the feeling that Mouretsu pirates won’t be doing either of those thing. But who knows maybe it will suprise me.

      All the characters looks so much different in Nisemonogatari. It’s pretty cool if you ask me. Redesigning the characters gives it a fresh new feeling. Hitagi looks cuter now.

  4. Still not sure Nisemonogatari for sure, but everything else needs further expectation. Hope to at least keep five shows on my watching list, otherwise Winter is going to be disappointing.

    • I’m a bit of a Shalf fanboy so I know I will enjoy Nisemonogatari. I have a feeling there isn’t going to be a lot of new things I start either. At this rate i’ll have 4 or 5 tops. I did watch a PV for High School Boys and it was actually funny so ignore what i said earlier and move it up to the “Things that might not be bad” group.

  5. At initial onset Mouretsu Pirates doesn’t seem like it’ll be all that ecchi/ stereotypical fanservice. I think O.o

    Anyways, I’m definitely watching Daily Lives of High School Boys. I’ve decided that I’ll watch anything directed by the director of Gintama and School Rumble. Probably!

    • High School Boys really shocked me, The PV was really good which surprised me.

      School Rumble was good so if High School Boys can live up to that then I’m happy.

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