Posted by: AceRailgun | November 28, 2011

C³ Episode 9

New opening and new ending themes were the biggest thing in this episode apart from the introduction of Nigyouhara Kuroe. A girl who supposedly had been living with Haruaki before Fear showed up. She has full control over her hair and a tendency to perform fan service at every given opportunity. So she is pretty much like all the other characters in that sense.  

She also owns a shop. For an anime girl this isn’t too impressive but it does strike me as a bit strange that nobody finds it strange that a child can own the most popular store in the market.

This episode also introduced the new villain Alice. The villains in this anime seem to be less and less threatening and it’s gotten to the point where the character can just brush a potential villian aside and focus more on dancing , bonding and bathing. The combine strength of the main characters easily trumps that of all the previous villains combined. Once again the organisation subplot was dodged and i’m starting to think this might never get  explained.

A decent episode but nothing new. Hoping that Alice can stir up the group somewhat but it doesn’t seem like it will happen.


  1. Fear is such a great dancer…now where is my Shiraho dancing in the same way? XD

    • Maybe she will dance for you in the next episode if she finishes her date with Sovereignty that is.

      • So unfair, why is she in love with that BUSTY doll I wonder…:P

  2. Kohana and Fear shouldn’t have exchange outfits >_<
    Oh, well…

    • I was thinking the same thing

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