Posted by: AceRailgun | November 27, 2011

Fate Zero Episode 9

A bit of everything happened this episode but first up was the biggest plot changer. Turns out Kayneth’s wife also want to be part of the war and through some miricale she convinces Lancer to join her. If Kayneth hadn’t overdone it in his battle with Kiritsugu then he might not be in a terrible situation right now.Lancer’s past was explained in the form of a dream which was cool to see. I kind of hope we get more of these for the other servants. One for beserker would be nice.

This episode brought back the Waver and Rider pair which i’m still arguing is the best part of this series. Waver performs some basic alchemy which reveals where Castor has been hiding and the pair go on an adventure to hunt down a child killer. It was funny to see Waver blush when he was complimented by Rider. The dynamic between the two is my favorite part of the series. I have discovered that I am a fan of the lighthearted elements of serious shows such as Fate Zero and Guilty Crown. In the lair of Caster Rider executes an Assassin making the Rider and Waver pair the first to discover the existence of more assassins.

The first part of the anime is coming to a close and I expect we will be left on a huge cliffhanger 2 or 3 episodes from now. Just going to say this now I don’t mind a good cliffhanger but I would prefer it if Fate Zero ends the first half with on of the servants losing the war.


  1. I’m also beginning to feel that the season will end with a cliffhanger of Code Geass R1 proportions. My heart is too weak to handle the suspense 😦

    it’s bad enough that next season has no series promising enough to replace Fate/Zero!

    What’re you looking forward to the most next season (or/and half-season)?

    • I hope it doesn’t end on a Code Geass R1 style cliffhanger because I just know someone that has read the light novels won’t be able to keep there mouth shut and will post spoilers somewhere.

      I’m so glad i’ve player P4 because I’ve seen so many spoilers for that around lately.

      I’m looking forward to Another and Nisemonogatari. There is a few others i’ll be watching. I’ll do a post about it in more detail later today or tomorrow.

      • Another seems the most interesting so far. I like psychological horror. Hopefully it will deliver. I never got into Bakemonogatari though. I think I’ll give it another shot if I have a lazy day sometime soon, so I can get ready for Nisemonogatari.

    • It took me a while to get into Bakemonogatari but i’m glad I did. You probably already know that is very unique. I think the reason I like it so much is because it is so strange. Plus the characters are all neat.

  2. I agree, the Rider + Waver pair is the best. I don’t like how they decided to split the series in two. For Code Geass (and even Gundam 00) they were both 25 episodes per series, why split a 26 episode series? I have a feeling I know where Fate/Zero part 1, having read the novels a while back.

    • It is strange to split a 25 episode series but the benefit is that they have more time to work on the second half of the series. It is very complex after all so I assume they need more time to finish it.

      If they end it on a cliffhanger its just going to make me want to watch the next bit even more.

  3. I’m actually kind of worried about the cliffhanger they’ll use for the midseason split more than the split itself, at this rate it looks like it’ll either end with something fun between Rider, Saber, and Archer or with stuff finally about to go down with Caster. Honestly I’d actually prefer the former, it wouldn’t be climactic or anything but it would serve as a nice break point.

    And I liked how we were able to see Lancer’s past as well, it managed to further detail his character a bit and it’s ironic how there are so many parallels between it and the situation between him, Kayneth, and Sola. What with Sola falling for him and Kayneth resenting him for it. Hopefully we will be able to see Berserker’s backstory, it adds a bit of fairly important complexity to his character.

    • The Beserker stuff is what i’m looking forward to the most but we probably aren’t going to get any of that for a while. I think your right with the cliffhanger situation.

      I would like to see the split in some sort of battle with caster. I have a feeling caster is going to be the first one to lose.

      • Yeah, fairly late into the second half if we’re lucky, and there’s a good chance that we should see glimpses of it at the very least to get that complexity across. Either way his unmasking and what comes with it are some of the things I’m really looking forward to.

        And I think that’s being suggested as well, looking past their messed up views on God there really isn’t much to them, unlike most of the others they have no overall goal or depth.

  4. I really want an anime of Lancer’s past life.
    After seeing the backstory, I was impressed.
    If there was an anime about it, i’ll be sure it watch it.
    Oh, and the girl in the backstory is my waifu 😀

    • Nice pick for a waifu. Not a lot of people stray from Saber in the Fate Zero waifu department.

      Lancers past would probably make a good movie.

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