Posted by: AceRailgun | November 26, 2011

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 8

I don’t know how many times Kanji’s facial expressions made me laugh but it was probably in the double digits. Kanji is like a goldmine for jokes and the creators sure milked it. Even adding a few new jokes in for the sake of it which included a reverse confession which ends up with Kanji being embarrassed in front of his friends.

So the team actaully managed to get a lot done this episode after the slow start in Junes we got to meet Saki’s little brother, Naoki Konishi and Yu being blunt lowers Naoki’s guard enough for them him to open up to the group. It was nice to see Yu being blunt as it is how a video game protagonist comes across when you get to pick choices in dialog. They also managed to discuss the murder case briefly before being interrupted. After that was the best scene ever which involved the tents. Kanji swaps places with Chie and Yukiko and spends the night in the girls tent whilst Chie and Yukiko are forced to sleep in the same tent with Yosuke. Yosuke should have taken one for the team and let Yu be alone with the girls. That’s how a lot of other anime would have spun this scene. But Persona has more class and teases instead of just giving out ultra fanservice.

Although since Yosuke managed to convince the girls to wear Junes bikinis he should be treated as the hero of this episode. Chie performed an amazing kick which launched Yosuke and Yu into a very graceful dive. Kanji is soon to follow when he is caught with a blood nose after looking at Yukiko. Kanji’s face during that dive was perfect and anyone who thought the animation was getting worse is wrong because the animation in this episode was top notch.


  1. That Chie in swimsuit is so damn awesome. Why my love goes only in her direction?! Why?! >_<

    • There is something very appealing about Chie that I can’t put my finger on. Sure Yukiko is hot but I prefer Chie too.

    • Yes i finally found people the same as me! like all my friends are like in-to Yukiko but i’m like more attracted to chie and they were all like, “Yukiko is better” and I died a little inside… but its great to find others that prefer chie like me ^_^

      • Yeah it’s a big contest between Feal and myself to see who gets Chie. I hope he goes for one of the other girls when they get introduced so I can have Chie all to myself.

        Yukiko is good too but Chie is just that little bit better.

      • yeah like i’ve been thinking…and AceRailgun should go for Rise the Anime Idol in Persona 4… and Feal should go for Naoto… oops… spoiler… anyways that leaves me alone for chie!! YAY hahaha

      • Well I guess I could have Rise. But Feal won’t let you near Chie.

  2. I found this peculiar post on a forum, but I thought it was a good read:

    “Mind you, let me be blunt here: I fucking LOVE Persona 4. So much I commissioned our very own Matt Speroni to draw me high-quality P4 fanart. So much that Chie Satonaka is basically my soulmate. So much that I’ve played the game through three times; once playing the main character as if he was myself, then going for a ‘perfect’ playthrough, then playing the game a third freaking time because I enjoyed it so much that I HAD to play it again. Even achieving perfection already was insufficient to persuade me.

    Edited by Ace Railgun : Reason : Too Long.

    • I read the whole article and it was interesting to say the least. The writer is a big fan boy venting but says some interesting things in the process.

      Next time give me a link to the original post 😛 My thin column wordpress theme doesn’t support 2000+ word comments without looking really stupid.

  3. Kanji’s part is hilarious. I’m really liking how Persona the animation have become. More jokes is a must. 😀

    • It’s only going to get better with Rise and Naoto. i really want to see how Kanji and Yosuke react to the next Shadow that should be a goldmine for new jokes.

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