Posted by: AceRailgun | November 25, 2011

Guilty Crown Episode 7

So this episode Shu and Gai gatecrash a party attended by some rich people including a girl from Shu’s school and his mum. Gai makes a business proposal with an old guy and hits on a school girl while Shu and the GHQ launch the fireworks.

So it’s no suprise that another girl has fallen for Gai, he is prince charming so who can blame her, plus Gai stolen suit really brings out the color in his eyes. I love how Gai gets the suit and give Shu the waiters outfit which has that stunning vest.

This episode introduced the meathead villain of the GHQ Dan. I like Dan. Dan seems to go about things his own way and decides to use anti air missiles on a boat which would have worked but he forgot to calculate the protagonists superpowers into his scheme.

We also got to meet Shu’s half dressed mum which seems much to common in anime of late and the student council president which in real life is usually a really big nerd which nobody likes but in anime is always a really attractive female. So completes Shu’s circle of attractive females and that one male who plays comic relief to make Shu look cooler. I’m just glad this episode Shu wasn’t a massive wimp this episode. It seems he is maturing a little and we can look forward to episodes that don’t involve whining or bitching because Shu and Gai are best friends now.


  1. After all, Gai is the He-man, no girl can resist his charm…:D

    • Totally correct. No girl stands a chance. If Shu isn’t careful Gai might start hitting on his mum.

  2. I’ll take Shu’s mother. 😀
    So damn hot and sexy. Rawr!

    • I lol’d. I think i’ll just stick with Inori for the time being.

      • Y U LOL? Awww 😦

    • Not a bad thing. I lol’d in agreement. She is pretty damn hot.

      • Haha ok 🙂

  3. I really disliked Dan… He’s TOO AMERICAN!

    • I think that’s the reason I like him. Plus he didn’t take himself to serious which is something everyone else does.

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