Posted by: AceRailgun | November 22, 2011

Shinryaku!? Ika Musume Episode 7

Another crazy episode of squids talk about. A few things about squid girl where actually explained this episode one of which was the fact that she has very good instincts and the other was that her plan to invade is so trivial it’s more forgetable then her friends… Excluding Sanae.

The episode starts of with the most awkward of invites to a house they have never been to by the male equivilent of a cross between Sanae and Chizuru. Once in the home of the Southern Winds owner they find that he is awkawrd and very blunt about everything at home as well. Characters like this are few and far between which is a shame because he makes for some really good laughs. Plus he does the whole casually holding a knife during conversation thing which I haven’t seen since Azumnaga Daioh’s Osaka. He also has a bunch of Ika heads which I never really found to be that funny, swing and a miss on that one I guess.

Second part pulls the old amnesia trick which does the job of comedy even if it is an overused idea. Squid Girl falls down some stairs and instead of getting a broken leg which I expect could also be a good idea for an episode she knocks her head and forgets everything. Showing her wit she manages to score a large amount of shrimp. After losing her memories squid girl comes across as smarter then usual and doesn’t believe the far-fetched tales everyone tells her about how she is an alien and that she is Sanae’s girlfriend. Although she also thinks that coming out of the see is stupid and proceeds to poke fun at herself which I found to be very amusing.

The last part involved some invading even if it was only socializing in the local neighborhood. Nothing really funny happened but it did help build up Ika’s social group and showed us that squid girls aren’t immune to the common cold. Keep that in mind if we are ever attacked and we’re all good.

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