Posted by: AceRailgun | November 21, 2011

Art for Money

I am currently seeking an artist to draw one of the characters from the book I am writing. I am wiling to pay the artists fee’s etc.

It doesn’t matter if you are an establish artist an up and coming artist or a student. If I like your work I am more than willing to pay for it. Of coarse I will pay more for talented artists but don’t let that discourage new artist.

So here is the question to the readers. Are you an artist, know an artist personally or know a good artist on the internet which I should commission for an original piece?

Any art I do commission/receive I can display on the website for all to see.


  1. Oooh, I had no idea you wrote! (aside from this blog i mean)

    What genre?

    • I am writing a novel about a young angel. i think the best way to describe the genre would be adventure.

      I find writing to be a good past time. With all the writing I’ve been doing lately I feel like I’ve improved somewhat. Plus learnt more about the English language as lame as that sounds.

  2. You’ll hafta let me give it a read when it’s done. And I’ve been meaning to write more fiction-y things, but… College finals are comin’ up, along with a few papers due next week.

    That and I’ve hit a bloody year-long writer’s block.

    And that actually makes sense about learning. I mean, hell, practice is the best way to learn somethin’.

    • It’s going to be a full length novel so it probably won’t be done for a while. My guess is June next year if i keep my current pace.

      I have finished the first arc and some of the second one though if you want to give that a read i’m more then happy to email it to you.

      I used to get writers block when I was in school. If I ever get stuck I just come back in 24 hours and i’m usually able to write my way around the problem I had the day before.

  3. Emailing would work nicely. Danke sehr.

    And yeah, you’ve had infinitely more progress than me. Last thing that was close to being finished was some Touhou fanfic for NaNoWriMo I did last year.

    … which proceeded to get lost when my old PC ballsed up. That was the day I learned about not being an idiot and making backups.

    • Shame about losing your work. I’ve made 3 back ups of my story so far all stored in different places. I’d hate to have to start again at this point.

      I also sent you an email hope that it arrived okay. My email account is playing up a bit

  4. Honestly it was REALLY shoddy work, but… I liked the idea, so I think I’ll restart it during winter break.

    And the email sent just fine, I’ll be sure to get around to readin’ as soon as possible!

    • Prepare because it was really a great story! I’m still waiting for the new chapter…:Q___

      • You’re in luck 🙂 i’ve written about a third of the second arc in 3 days. So at this rate it might be done late next week.

  5. whoa this is really cool! looking forward to it! i dabble in a few fan fics, but a novel? wow.

  6. Hey, Ace.

    When my Illustrator (Slave) comes back from his looooooong vacation within the next few weeks, I can have him draw something for you. If my colorist (discontent slave) is in a good enough mood, he may even color it.

    You can check a sample of the art in the manga post I did a while back.

    • I’ve had a look through your web manga post and I hope that is the post you are talking about.
      The art work is nice and I think that it could work for my character. When your illustrator gets back from holiday give me a head up and if he/she is interested then I can give you some more details to you.

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