Posted by: AceRailgun | November 20, 2011

Fate Zero Episode 8

A lot sure happened this time. All the fights ended without any real damage being done as I expected. Although Emiya put a beat down on Kayneth and shots him not once but twice which was a sight to see. I doubt we will be seeing Kayneth and Lancer for a while but when they return there is going to be hell for Emiya and Saber.

The whole castor situation ended uneventfully with Caster making an easy escape after he lost. The situation between Maiya, Irisviel and Kerei ended without anything of note happening either. Both Irisveil and Kerei show off there cool moves but when Kerei, a trained assassin wins he forgets to win the war he must kill his enemeies and walks off into the dark night which although cool made him come across as a bit stupid. Am I seriously the only one that thinks this doesn’t fit his character at all?

What I really liked about this episode was how Emiya beat Kayneth. I thought for sure Kayneth would force Emiya to run away but then Emiya revels he has anti-mage bullets and wins. He obtained 60 something of the bullets from a macho lady in his past. He has enough of these bullets to a last a life time. Unless he put them all in that rapid fire gun. Then he has none.  Emiya goes in for the kill unlike Kerei but is stopped by Lancer who can deflect bullets by twirling a pole.

Lancer nice guy moments : 3


I hope we get to see some Waver or Ryūnosuke in coming episodes because they would have a good fight together.


  1. Kirei stabbed Irisviel to death, is just that she was protected with Avalon.

    • Maybe so but she didn’t exactly die so i’m going to count that as a win for Irisviel. Maybe next time Kirei meets Irisviel he’ll figure out he needs to do more then stab her to kill her.

      • Killing her would actually defeat the purpose of things, so most likely he will use her as a battering tool to fight Emiya if nothing else. Although, this is a guess…

        Must say it was satisfying seeing Kayneth getting reduced to a near vegetative state.

      • Poor old Kayneth never saw it coming. It’s going to take a while to recover from that I can imagine. Either that or he’ll using some kind of super healing and be back in the action within two episodes.

      • As Warum said, being Kayneth is suffering…:D

  2. That stab was fatal for sure. But I think the excalibur left her alive. Kirei had no time to make sure they were dead as saber was on the way.

    That being said, I was shocked when he did it, even though I expected it. I feared too much for my dear Irisviel T_T

    • It seems like Irisviel is almost invincible anyway so you don’t have to worry too much. That being said she probably doesn’t stand much of a chance against any of the other masters. Except Waver, she would kick his ass.

      • Poor waver. I kinda think he’s stronger than he seems. With a little bit of experience and a few inches of height, he may grow up to be a brilliant magus.

  3. Avalon > Wolverine Claw

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