Posted by: AceRailgun | November 18, 2011

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 7

Where do I even start with this. I find myself laughing at gay jokes even though I know I shoulddn’t be. There was so many gay jokes it was nearly too much. Thank god they had that classy fan service scene with Chie and Yukiko rolling around on the oily floor. 

This is the kind of fan service I like to see. It’s not a low cut top with watermelon breasts hanging out crap like every anime studio seems to think is attractive. It’s classy with genuinely hot girls. Instead of fighting the shadow seriously like they should have been Yosuke and Yu seem to want to leave. And for very good reasons too. Both of them were K.O’ed by the masculine bathhouse patrons and Chie and Yukiko did nothing but pleasure them as dirty as that sounds. It’s not until Yu gets serious and summons Yamata no Orochi that things take a turn. By excepting Kanji and his love of cute things the tide of battle is turned and Kanji kicks his shadows ass. Comedic timing played a big roll this episode and just when you think things will get serious they start joking and screwing around again. Yosuke and Yu refuse to open the door marked “Welcome to tropical paradise.” When Chie finally forces them to they are met by Kanji and Kanji rolling around on the floor together. No homo.

Next episode looks like the camp episode and if it lives up to the games content it could turn out to be one of the best episodes. I nearly cried when I saw the spelling error on the day swap card after the credits. How does that even happen it a bloody 3 letter word.

Hope Yu records the midnight channel next time because Yosuke will want a copy of that to watch in his personal time.


  1. ‘Hope Yu records the midnight channel next time because Yosuke will want a copy of that to watch in his personal time.’ LOL

    I personally like this episode and the previous one. Such a hilarious episode. The battle was epic ROFL! I still remember the previous episode where they were chased by Kanji. They should really make more jokes like that xD

    • All the new jokes are so good. It was hardly a battle at all lol. They were just being made fun of for most of it. Until Yu put on his serious pants anyway.

      Next episode is that camping trip and that was funny in the game so it will no doubt be great in the anime.

  2. This kind of humour was always the weird thing about the game to me. I’m just glad the anime managed to make it funny.

    • The anime managed to make the same jokes so much more funny. In the game the joke flow is broken up too much by the dungeon crawling aspect.
      Not that I disliked the dungeon crawling, it just felt to separate from the story portion of the game.

  3. Agreed that the gay joke was definitely well done and there isn’t anything strange at making comedy over such a thing. There are jokes for everything after all…:P

    • This is true. I get the feeling Yosuke won’t drop the topic of gay for quite some time so I guess we are getting more gay jokes in future episodes.

  4. Can’t wait for the next episode. But most of all, I can’t wait for teddie’s unzipping, if you know what I mean!

    And you’re right, the gay jokes were well done. The writers manage to have this unique touch on the jokes so far. I’m enjoying it.

    • The humor is very different from a lot of other anime which is good.

      Teddie’s unzipping will certainly be overplayed in the anime which I am waiting eagerly for. That and Rise undressing 😛

  5. Well, this confirms it: Yuu is going into the blackmail business.I knew he had it in him all along. This episode was far better than I was expecting. Hopefully next week will be as well, since it is also one of my favorite parts of the game. Mystery Food X!

    • Yu, blackmail. It all makes sense now.
      Don’t worry next episode is going to be great. I’m pretty sure it is also where they introduce Hanako.

      I see bad things in Yosuke future. Many bad things.

  6. I am a bit sad that many people are saying that this episode was funny. Most people seem to be ignoring the fact the this episode could be very offensive to gay people, and the boys’ behavior is frequently excused as “normal teenage” behavior when they were really overreacting. Could someone think about the person being mocked, instead of trying to justify the people doing the mocking? The manga version did not have them whine so much about going home like the anime, the manga version captured the original game’s seriousness by showing a young Kanji being bullied for sewing/girls called him sissy/girl he liked cried/beat up another boy in middle school and then became a delinquent. The shadow in the manga was also very angry and serious at the end, and you could feel his desperation for someone to love him, while the anime one is stupidly happy the entire time, and this shadow’s desire to be accepted came off as a homophobic’s nightmare (the shadow smiling and looking like he wanted to kiss you) instead of an act of angry desperation.

    • I’ve played the game and I can see the huge difference between the content of the game and the anime.
      It is unfortunate but true that the content has been change. For an anime which has to appeal to a large more mainstream audience the content has been appropriately. Sure it comes across as homophobic but that is normal for teenage especially Yosuke’s character.

      It is sad to admit but children now days have been raised to think that being gay is a bad thing. Personally I believe it is the choice of the two people involve and being of the same sex does not matter.

      Kanji’s shadow didn’t get as angry because all the content has been shortened as a consequence of the short time an anime give to tell a story. If the shadow had got overly angry I feel the views would have been overwhelmed as they had only met Kanji 30 minutes earlier.

      Let just be grateful for the moment Yu mans up and excepts Kanji for who he is and what he likes. I will admit the manga content had a stronger impact.

  7. The next episode will be even more unfortunate, as in the preview: the main character is acting as homophobic as Yosuke towards Kanji (I thought you accepted me/Not at night). This situation will be played for laughs, and I fear that Kanji will be a chew toy. That is to say, he’ll be kicked out of his tent, kicked in the groin by Chie, and then he’ll be pushed into the river for nosebleeding at the girls. He will be abused! If the creators thought viewers are supposed to relate to a homophobe, then that will be pretty sad. If he were my friend, I’d treat him better and make him feel appreciated.

    • I can see where you are coming from but you’re defiantly over reacting. You are failing to note that over the coarse of the game the group bond with Kanji and it gets to a point where nobody cares about his sexuality anyway.

      Spoilers ahead for the next episode ahead based on game content.

      Kanji doesn’t get kicked out of his tent because he is gay he leave because he goes to score some girls.
      Kanji get kicked in the groin because he is sneaking into the girls tent, not because he is gay.
      Kanji get pushed into the river because he gets a nosebleed, I presumed he got the nosebleed because of the girls not the guys. So it’s not gay.

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