Posted by: AceRailgun | November 18, 2011

Guilty Crown Episode 6

Tsugumi sure doesn’t look like a 14 year old girl does she. Well apart from her little dance in the middle of the episode we didn’t really get to see her again. Maybe next time guys. This episode was mostly centred around the relationship between Shu and Gai.Once again the episode open with Shu being a massive wimp but that is all changed when Inori sneaks Shu into the same room with Gai. Gai spills the beans on his plans before realizing he is talking to Shu and not Inori. The two have a fight and become best friends. Inori’s personality feels very¬†schizophrenic at the moment. One episode ago she admited she didn’t care for Shu in the slightest and then she does a 180 and helps him befriend Gai and save japan in that order. Purple or should I say Segai’s ingenious plan to get Shu to blow himself up with a pen failed which is a bit of a shame but shows just how devious he is. I can’t wait to see what he will do concerning his man crush on Shu in future episodes.

Did anyone else notice the scene which Inori turned into another girl for a second? That must be some sort of reference to the childhood friends subplot.

Observation of the week. Ayase gets chocked a lot when she pilots her Endlave.


  1. Don’t worry, it’d be pretty weird not to consider Tsugumi as hot.

    And LOL at “The two have a fight and become best friends.” I wish I have your knack for putting such events in a small hilarious sentence!

    By the way, that’s not the first time we see the other Inori. I think she’s shown in episode 1 too.

    • I remember seeing the other Inori in the first episode too. It’s still not clear if it is Inori or if it is someone that Inori reminds him of.

      Just thinking out loud here but Tsugumi would be a perfect fit for the Evangelion series. She is the right age and has the costume already.

  2. I have a theory about the mysterious girl. You should view my extended thoughts in my blog if you are interested.

    The episode was good. The only thing that makes the episode less interesting is because there is less Tsugumi.. =/

    • Interesting mysterious girl theory you have there. Nice spot on the necklace lets hope it’s not just a red herring trying to throw you off the true story. If Inori is just a replacement for Gai then she might find this out and fall in love with Shu.

      We will get a Tsugumi episode soon. I hope.

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