Posted by: AceRailgun | November 15, 2011

Top Music 2011 Autumn

5. C³ Cube x Cursed x Curious Opening – Endless Story by Yukari Tamura

For some reason I like this song not sure why but I just do. A full version has been released if you have the knowledge to find it.

4. Future Diary Ending – Blood Teller by Faylan

It’s a catchy song which fits the theme of the anime. The animation it is paired with is a appropriate too.  A full version is around the net.

3. Persona 4 The Animation Opening – Sky the Limit

Composed by Shoji Meguro
Lyrics by Lotus Juice
Performed by Shihoko Hirata

Another great piece of music from the Persona team. If you like this song I highly reccomend the Persona 3 and Persona 4 OST’s. I haven’t found a proper full version of this song yet but it will probably be around in a month or two.

2. Un-go Ending – Fantasy by Lama

A good contrast between male and female singers with a simple but effective music. Got to love the piano. Full version avalible

1. Future Diary Opening – Küsö Mesorogiwi by Yousei Teikoku

A song which is as crazy as the show. It seems like random noise but that’s what’s good about it. The part with the two Yuno’s in the animation is perfect. She is one scary character. There is English, Japanese and even some German words in the lyrics. Extended version is avalible and the other song on the single is good too.


  1. Big fan of Yousei Teikoku’s work and very nice fit for a series like Mirai Nikki. Liked the OP for Persona 4, but the ED was a little better to me.

    • The P4 ending would have been my number 6 but i had to stop myself at 5.

      I’d never heard Yousei Teikoku’s work before I started watching Mirai Nikki so it was a nice new singer for me.

  2. I’d go for Persona 4 OP and ED for # 1 & 2.
    UN-GO ED was definitely good. I really like it as well.
    I don’t like Mirai Nikki’s music that much. Maybe just not my type of music. But I do like the anime 🙂

    • Mirai Nikki’s music is a bit niche so i can understand why you don’t like it and I admit I normally don’t like that kind of music but for some reason Mirai Nikki’s OP and ED sit well with me.

      I kind of wanted to add that song from the first episode of Guilty Crown but it was too hard to find a proper version of it so i left it out.

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