Posted by: AceRailgun | November 15, 2011

Shinryaku!? Ika Musume Episode 6

Finally another squid girl episode. The comedy quality hasn’t dropped at all since the first episode either. The jogging gag was so great but I feel sorry for poor Goro, he screws up his chance to go spa with Chizuru. He kind of reminds me of myslef in romantic situations. To be completely I see myself in Eiko more then Goro though as she always seems to point out the things I am thinking in the same manor  I would. Plus she shares a similar though process to myself. Back to jogging gag, they started jogging in the morning and didn’t stop until nightfall so that would mean that both Chizuru and Goro have incredible stamina as a normal/active person could jog for about 1-2 hours tops before needing a break. I would like to see Goro make some ground with Chizuru but this is a comedy not a drama so he doesn’t stand a chance. The part about the giant budda was also really funny. That one image with the delinquent budda’s was gold.

The second part with Sanae was fairly well written but somewhat predictable and a bit cliche. Sure Sanae is a stalker but she is no Yuno Gasai. The part where she fell from that window and cracked the concrete was amusing to say the least.

There was also one of those chibi Squid girl episodes but I won’t talk about that as I fear I may lose the part of my manhood I still have after watching that part of the episode.

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