Posted by: AceRailgun | November 13, 2011

Fate Zero Episode 7

I think my favorite part about this episode was the contrast. Specifically the contrast between Waver/Rider chilling out at home and the action sequence between Saber, Archer and Caster. But we can’t forget the battle going on between Emiya and Kayneth.

Kayneth pulls superpowers out of nowhere this episode which explain why he didn’t die in the huge explosion at the end of last episode. I recall him being some kind of mage/teacher of magic or something simiar at the start of the series so I guess it makes sense. In retaliation Emiya also shows us his ability to change the speed at which his body moves which he uses to avoid Kayneth. Emiya has the perfect opotuinity to kill Kayneth at the end of the episode but instead shouts “Hey I’m over hear doing this cool jump though the air behind you and when I land I will shoot you. You should use that magic shield thing to stop me.” And then Kayneth does. That scene makes me cry at the bad writting.

Although to be fair the scene with Waver and Rider was well written as was the scene with Saber. Of coarse it is bit cliche to have Lancer come and save Saber but I can’t help but feel that we are in for a treat next episode as the title of it was “Magus Killer” Maybe a certain Magican will get killed.


Also, nice shirt Rider. You are my new hero. Give it a few episodes and Rider will have some pants. Then he will go out to a bar and get all the ladies.


  1. Rider was a genius… I mean you make a mail order using your own real name?! 😀

    • The delivery guy had no idea what was going on and he read out his absurd name anyway. If Rider shows up to battle Saber sporting that shirt is is guaranteed victory.

  2. LOL. I facepalmed when Kiri called Kayneth out before shooting him from the back. What the hell, you’re supposed to be batmage, striking from the shroud of darkness! Not calling out your attacks! I disappointed myself when I did that stupid move.

    But who knows, maybe that gun only works against magic shields.

    • Face palm is the only way to express ones feelings about how dumb Emiya was. You’re not a shonen character Emiya you don’t need to yell out your attacks.

      His gun didn’t seem to be doing much he should just go into double time and rough Kayneth up with his fists.

  3. Lancer saves Saber’s life yet again.
    I’m curious wanting to know what the gun Kiritsugu is holding does.
    Can’t wait for the next episode 😀

    • Prediction: Lancer will visit Saber’s grave at the end of the series and say “i guess saving you 3 times wasn’t enough.” Then rider will pat him on the back and say. “It was a lost cause anyway.” and then laugh.

      Next episodes fight should be something to look forward to. I hope Caster’s master shows up at some point.

      • LOL! Nice one! I take that as a joke. :p

        Yeah i’m hoping his master would show up as well.

  4. There’s a reason why Kiritsugu did that, I can’t remember him yelling anything when I read it, he kind of just came at him dual wielding his Calico M960 and Thompson Contender. But yeah, it’s about using Kayneth’s arrogance against him and creating the perfect opening for the latter.

    And it was probably how Lancer declared that he would be the one to defeat Saber that made that so cliche, despite how awesome it was to see him come to act as her left arm until they can settle their duel, it just didn’t come across well. On another note however, I’m looking forward to the seemingly inevitable additional scenes with Waver and Rider.

    • You’re probably right about Lancer declaring how he would kill Saber again being cliche. But I don’t mind if it’s cliche because it’s still telling a decent story. I hope they actually kill Caster because things need to start getting serious sooner rather then later.

      Waver and Rider could have there own spin off series. I would watch that.

      • They really should, even something like a 4koma series would be perfect.

        That it is, I just found the way they went about it kind of cheesy. And considering the mid-season split I kind of hope they can deal with Caster soon as well, it would make for a great climactic end. That said at the rate they’re going I don’t think they’ll get there by then. The alternative would be good as well though.

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