Posted by: AceRailgun | November 11, 2011

Guilty Crown Episode 5

Gai is a jerk. Sure, we are going to get some sad back story for him in the second half of the story but for now he is just a jerk. Not the good kind of jerk either the kind of jerk that everyone is 100% loyal too and treat like a king for a reason that is not explained. Sure he gathers a group of righteous terrorist but like two or three characters do something similar to that each anime season without being grouchy and unlikable. Gurren Lagann’s Kamina for example.

I’m not feeling the Inori love anymore either she dropped the little personality she had and jumped on the Gai love bandwagon with everyone else. As “independant” as she is I would have to say Ayase is my favourite characeter now second only too Mr Purple Hair. Ayase may be on the Gai wagon too but at least she oozes uniqueness. The whole independence thing is a bit over played but it supports her characters personality. It will be interesting to see what kind of void Shu can obtain from her. She also has a tendency to swap into her fan service outfit when she goes into combat. She knows she has an audience to impress. Once again Tsugumi manages to dodge the spotlight. I thought for sure that she would get her own episode but it’s looking less and less likely. I wonder if she also has a a crush on Gai, I’m going to guess that she does and while i’m at it the background guy with the huge shoulders should get his own episode too because he seems like he could mix it up a bit.

No plot holes this time? I was expecting a pile of them.


  1. Tsumugi = My Queen
    Ayase = My Princess
    Inori = commoner

    Never was feeling much for Inori’s character. Gai is alright in my opinion despite his souless character for now, but Shu’s whining is worse. Hope he man up quick. Well, not Kurogane No Linebarrel quick, but heck I will welcome that…

    • Gai is okay but I just really dislike everyone’s crazy devotion to him. I think everyone wants Shu to man up but it doesn’t seem like it will happen for a while, if ever.

    • Sorry to disturb you, but all three of them ARE MINE! 😐

      • If I counted up all the girls you have claimed in the last few weeks it would probably be somewhere in the triple digits. Good job.

  2. Excuse me but does Ayase have a non-fanservice outfit?

    Also, she seems to be older than 17 so maybe he can’t use her void. But you never know with those anime characters :p

    Don’t worry, we’ll get to see a lot of Tsugumi later, I know it!

    • Ayase doesn’t have one I just realizes. But some are more fan service then others.
      It’s so hard to tell how old anime characters are. Just try and guess how old Gai is. Maybe 30? 25? Who knows. Shu did take a Void from a guy this episode that looked at least 18. He is probably only 16 though.

      There will probably be a sad backstory tying Tsugumi to Shu’s past in later episodes.

  3. We’ve all heard Guilty Crown=Code Geass, but let me give you another comparison .Guilty Crown= Gurren Lagann.


    • I was thinking the same thing but I will make one change to that.

      Ayase + Tsugumi = Yoko

      If Shu ends up as cool as Simon by the end then I can safely say Guilty Crown was a good anime.

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